Donald Trump Kisses Little Girl Who Clearly Doesn't Want To Be Kissed, World Cringes

by Maria Guido
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Image via ABC 15

Donald Trump is a lesson in consent

At a rally in Wisconsin yesterday, Donald Trump just couldn’t take his eyes off a little girl he deemed “beautiful.” So he beckoned her to the stage, anxious for a photo op with any African American he could get his hands on. Oh, is that harsh? Sorry not sorry. This is a man who’s on tape saying “Look at my African American over here” at one of his rallies, because even he’s surprised to see a black person in attendance. His rallies are notoriously white, and he’ll clearly take any opportunity to capitalize on the idea that his supporters are diverse. They’re not.

The clear photo op grasp was gross enough, but The Donald is never content with just slightly grossing us out — he has to take it all the way. And he did, once again, by planting not one but two kisses on this child who clearly did not want to be kissed.

Donald Trump is a lesson in consent. And if his followers cared anything about topics like that, this could be a teachable moment. Do not let people manhandle your kids and force kisses on them. Please and thank you.

Oh hi honey. What a beautiful. Look how beautiful. Do you want to come up and see me? Huh?

At this point we’re certain the little girl is thinking HELL NO.

The most beautiful little girl. Wow. And she got all decked out for this evening. Wow. So beautiful.

At this point the world is screaming, NO. No. NO.

Twitter reacted, because if Twitter is good for anything, it’s reacting.

The world thinks this is weird, because it is. This is not planting a kiss on an infant’s forehead, okay? So don’t even make the “presidents kiss babies all the time” argument. Trump’s default setting is “creepy.” He defies consent as a matter of being. He’s been doing it so long he doesn’t even notice.

And that’s disturbing as hell.


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