Can Donald Trump Please Just Sit On His Tiny Hands Already?

by Joanna McClanahan
Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons

Something is seriously wrong with Donald Trump, you guys.

Every single day, he reminds us how unsuited he is for the job of POTUS. His inexperience and ineptitude is blatantly clear for all of the world to see. And frankly, it’s about time someone told him to sit on his damn hands. After all, my 3-year-old son has more self-restraint.

Trump’s Twitter account is now infamous for tweeting and retweeting all kinds of offensive things.

This weekend’s antics were just the latest tweetstorm tantrums from our Man-Baby-in-Chief. Take this tweet that Trump sent on Sunday morning, which mockingly refers to Kim Jong Un (who recently successfully tested a hydrogen bomb) as “Rocket Man”:

YES, LET’S ANTAGONIZE THE PSYCHOPATH WHO WANTS TO START A NUCLEAR WAR. (Sarcasm caps) What in the actual fuck? The president’s job is to keep Americans safe, not start some type of juvenile Twitter feud that could lead to an actual war.

Then there’s this tweet that Trump retweeted, a doctored video of him hitting Hillary Clinton in the back of the head with a golf ball:

BECAUSE VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN IS HILARIOUS. (Sarcasm caps again) Don’t say it’s ‘just a joke’. Would the people who saw this as humorous still think it was funny if it were a video of Melania getting hit in the back of the head with a golf ball? I think not. And wasn’t it just a few months ago when people were up in arms against Kathy Griffin for promoting violence against Trump?

(In a plot twist that saved my faith in humanity, that tweet received more than 30,000 replies, many of which condemned the promotion of violence toward Clinton who has lifetime Secret Service protection as a former first lady).

Increasingly, Trump’s presidency has become defined by blatant lies, cruelty, and incompetence. And his Twitter account has become a safe haven for delivering propaganda and promoting violence.

In July, he posted a video of him body slamming a man with a CNN logo superimposed over his head. And just last month, he retweeted an image of a train running over a cartoon person with a CNN logo covering its head. (A White House official later said that the tweet had been posted in error and was deleted.)

It’s so ironic to me that people say Hillary needs to “shut up and go away,” but I don’t hear those same people calling for Trump to exercise self-restraint, and HE’S THE GODDAMN PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

I think it’s safe to say Trump is unstable at best, and that’s pretty fucking terrifying when you take into account that this is a man in charge of our nuclear weapons. I wouldn’t even trust him to help take care of my cat.

His narcissism and dishonesty have become a liability. His inability to admit failure or empathize with others has cast a dark shadow over his entire administration. And it’s safe to say that his supporters who still insist he is presidential are, at this point, completely delusional.

It’s only a matter of time before something he says or does provokes some sort of international crisis. He’s not just an embarrassment to our country and the office that he holds, he’s becoming increasingly dangerous.

So let’s put a real grown-up in charge of Donald Trump ASAFP, please. And if they can’t get him to sit on his hands, I hope they’ll at least change his Twitter password.