I'm Taking A Solo Vacation Because I Earned It

by Rachel Lena
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Courtesy of Rachel Lena

Throughout the past decade, I have been a stay at home mom raising four beautiful children. Often times I have been “alone” in this endeavor due to my husband being gone for weeks, months, or even years at a time for work. I have survived sleepless nights, completed long homeschooling days, and finished endless amounts of laundry, dishes, and bedtime stories. I have been the disciplinarian and the comfort for all ailments, emotional or physical. I have made the executive decisions, organized the travel, budgeted the money. I have been the meal planner, the chauffeur, homework instigator, and the argument mediator… I could go on, but I think you get the idea.

Courtesy of Rachel Lena

Being a mom is no joke. I also absolutely love what I get to do. I have worked so hard and have no intention of stopping, but this momma is tired and sometimes this momma needs a break from it all. And I am not talking about a trip to the grocery store type of break (although those are seriously priceless) no, I am talking days away from all the responsibility type of break.

I preface this article with those facts because, much to my genuine shock, I received backlash and judgment from people in my life who I would trust to understand and support me the most when my husband gifted me with a vacation. ALL ALONE. For 4 whole days and 3 glorious nights. I was so surprised and genuinely giddy excited when he said, “Go, I have got the kids.” Talk about a much-needed reprieve.

Then I tell my people the exciting surprise and I get the, “Why do you feel the need to leave your family?” “Are you feeling okay?” “For four days?!” “Why would you go so far that you need to fly?” “I mean I understand overnight, but THREE?!”

Courtesy of Rachel Lena

Well here is exactly why I am so excited to be kid and husband free for four whole days and three whole nights:

I get to fly, all by myself (no extra clothes, snack bags, Ipads, toys, etc. to worry about! Just a nice book and a glass of wine… I am in already… He better not renege his offer).

I get to check into a hotel and not have to constantly yell-whisper, “STOP TALKING AND STOMPING AND JUMPING FOR THE LOVE OF GOD”…. You know what I am talking about… That mix between yelling loud enough to mean business, but still quiet enough your neighbors won’t be scared too? Yeah… I don’t have to do that for 4 days. I seriously may never leave the room.

Courtesy of Rachel Lena

I get to sleep in. (Okay, let’s be real, it will probably only be 7 a.m. because our mom bodies are trained even if we tell them not to be.) But, I don’t have to get up and quiet any child down ’til the others wake up. I don’t have to go to a buffet and tell them to quit touching things. I don’t have to go back and forth a dozen times because one of them needs juice, a muffin, a fork, napkins…. Heck, I probably won’t even eat breakfast because I DON’T HAVE TO. I may be genuinely in love with this family-free vacation idea.

Courtesy of Rachel Lena

I do not have to find a way to entertain my husband. I don’t have to research good restaurants for him, watch football on the hotel TV, make sure he isn’t bored. Have sex. I mean I could go on… but basically he is an overgrown kid. Which is exactly what I am not looking for on this trip.

I can read a whole book, or maybe even three. I can take a nap, eat a hot meal. Eat every meal hot. I can shower without an audience. OH MY GOSH, I can poop without one too! This is pure and utter excitement bubbling inside of me.

Courtesy of Rachel Lena

In truth, I have no idea what I will do for my vacation. I know I will enjoy it with every fiber of my grateful heart. I know I will miss my family so very much. I know I will worry about how they are doing, even if I try hard not to. But let me set the record straight. I will be damned if I feel an ounce of guilt because someone thinks I am being selfish for taking some time for me. I refuse to give into that.

If you are judging me and my personal family-free vacation, then run along. But if you too are like me, and this type of thing sounds glorious? You are my people. Shout out to the tired, hard-working, badass moms out there who could use a genuine retreat from real life… if only for a little while. It may be a trip to Target, a day at the spa, an overnight at the closest hotel or a few days far away. Whatever the reprieve being offered, I believe taking the time to reset, recharge, and come back ready to rock n’ roll is a real game-changer in how we moms/wives can be the best version of us. Cheers to you, fellow Momma.

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