Dr. Seuss Museum to Open Next Year. Come One, Come All, Celebrate Here!

by Kari Anne Roy
Originally Published: 
Various characters from Dr. Seuss

Let’s take a trip!

The whole family will go!

It’ll be super fun

out on the road!

We must wait a year

for the thing to be built,

but then? Then?!

We’ll pack up our stilts.

We’ll pack up our geegaws,

our backpacks and gadgets.

We’ll pack up our maps

and Emergen-C packets.

We’re off to the museum, kids,

off to the Doc.

Off to the north, to the east,

to the place we’ll all flock.

A doctor museum?!

The kids might just cry,

Why there? Why there?

Just poke out our eyes!

But you’ll pat their sweet heads

and smile like you do.

Not a regular doctor,

this is for Dr. Seuss!

It has worlds from the books

landscapes made true.

Maybe you’ll see the bathrooms

of Thing One and Thing Two.

Maybe Sam-I-Am

will give you a snack,

and Horton will tell stories

to the Cat in the Hat.

All those books in your bed

we read all those nights

those words we repeated

ad infi-nite…

now it’s coming to life

right before your eyes!

Mr. Knox and the Fox

they’re all so alive!

So don’t fuss in the car,

don’t give me that sass.

We’re taking you, dammit,

to Springfield, Mass.

We’ll have fun in Whoville

We’ll learn so many things.

And Theodore Geisel,

while he flaps his wings,

will look down upon us

deep, deep in thought

so proud

so proud

at the chaos he’s wrought.

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