A Drag Queen Showed Up To Trump's Impeachment Hearings

by Madison Vanderberg

Drag queen Pissi Myles graced Day One of the Trump impeachment hearing with her presence

We expected the Trump impeachment hearing to be memorable, but we didn’t expect it to be drag queen sashaying into day one of the hearings-memorable. Pissi Myles, a drag performer from New Jersey, breezed through Washington D.C.’s Longworth House on Day One of the hearings in a bright red mini dress, pumps, and a large bouffant, waltzed through security like you waltz into drag bingo.

“It’s a crazy day in Washington! I’m flipping my wig over the high-energy proceedings today,” Myles told NBC News. “Tensions are high, and the bar for who’s allowed in the Longworth House is very, very low.”

Myles is a celebrated drag performer in Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, she hosts the podcast “My Spooky Gay Family,” and went viral in 2017 for her “Babashook” parody of the horror film The Babadook.

So why was a drag queen at the Trump impeachment hearing? She’s covering the hearings live for Happs — a new streaming site for live news. Myles’ husband David Ayllon told NBC News that Happs was “looking for a comedian who could improv on the spot and deliver the news in a fun way.” We think they found it.

Myles was such a hit at the hearing that U.S. Representative Jan Schakowsky from Illinois’s 9th Congressional District even took a photo with her, captioning it, “so glad [Pissi Myles] and I were matching!”

The C-SPAN footage of Myles going through the metal detector is **chef’s kiss* perfection. This is all we’re going to watch the rest of the day.

A reporter for Canada’s public news broadcaster CBC News quoted Pyles as stating that her presence at the hearings was “very important to the LGBTQ community.”

The Trump impeachment hearing could potentially go down as one of the most historic events in our national consciousness, but then Pissi Myles showed up, and well — now it’s legendary.

It’s like, the Trump impeachment hearing, but make it fab.