Date Night? Send The Kids To Grandma's And Try These Drinking Games For Couples

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Couple drinking beer and laughing — drinking games for couples.
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Drinking games for couples can be hard to come by. But, if you think about it, they make a lot of sense. Have you ever dropped the kiddos off with their grandparents for a night out, only to realize you’d rather stay home? Still, you want something fun to do, and some at-home shenanigans with alcohol can be a great way to bond with your partner and blow off some steam. Flip Cup, Quarters, and Beer Pong are always a fun time for couples who know how to drink responsibly.

Did we mention how much fun it is to get creative with drinking games? It’s quite possible to create your own, especially if you’ve already had a beer or two. And while you should never expect anyone to play who doesn’t want to, it’s always a good idea to have a few drinking games for couples ready if you’re about to throw a big Halloween or Thanksgiving party with your friends. Good drinking games will help keep the spirit alive and will make your specific gathering one to remember.

You can create the following games at home with minimal supplies, making them ideal for a last-minute night in when the kids are out. After all, games that involve chugging beer should always be as simple as possible.

Drinking Games for Couples

Power Hour

Power hour isn’t a game for newbies. In fact, with all party games involving alcohol, it’s important to remember that it’s not fun if you have to go to the emergency room or if your partner blacks out. Always be responsible — which means never using hard liquor for this game.

That said, power hour is all about the race to drink a certain amount within an hour of time. One of the best (and safest) methods is to take a sip of beer every minute until you reach 60 sips. In the meantime, you can try holding a conversation with your friends or partner about a specific topic, and see if it feels a little goofier as time goes on.

Drinking Games for Couples With Cards


Like a few of the games that appear on this list, Beeramid can be played with a big group. The biggest part of Beeramid is your memory. You’ll need a standard deck of cards to play, but that’s something you can easily pick up at a Walgreens or CVS before the event.

You can assign someone to be the dealer or just use a shuffled deck of cards. Each person creates a pyramid figure with the cards they’re given, with seven on the bottom, six on the next level, and so on. Once cards are dealt, players have a short amount of time to try and remember what they have. When the dealer reveals their pyramid starting at the bottom row, other players who claim to also have that card will challenge another player to drink.

You can play this game with two people as well, especially if you take out the pyramid aspect. Deal a hand of 10 cards that you’ll have to memorize. Then, make your challenges whenever you flip a card from the remaining deck.


You probably know the game of War, right? You deal cards, and then you flip and see who has the highest. Whoever wins gets that card. To give it a drinking game spin, you can spice this up by saying that whoever loses needs to take a sip.

Funny Drinking Games for Couples

Beer Mile

If your partner is a runner, Beer Mile may be a good way for them to show off their skills. (Or, worst-case scenario, they puke all over you. But if you really love them, that shouldn’t be too much of an issue. You’ll have a story to tell your kids someday.) It’s a tough task, but many have actually made a real sport out of Beer Mile. Even Runners World penned an article on it, which stated that it originated back in 1989 in Canada. The rules are easy, but the execution isn’t. You have to finish four laps on a track while drinking a beer at every quarter mile. That means four beers and four laps.

Bust a Gut

This is one of the best drinking games for couples for a few reasons. For one, you don’t need any material except for your brain. The goal is to try to make your partner laugh out loud within 30 seconds. Not only can people get crafty with their approach, but it’s a game that strong couples can easily win when played in a party setting. When you think hard about the best way to make your partner smile, you’re strengthening the relationship — consider the beer as an added bonus. You take a sip if they don’t laugh, and they take a sip if they do.

Simon Says

When was the last time you played a game of Simon Says? While this one would be good in a group, it can also easily be a couples game. Together, you and your partner will need to figure out if you can put your listening skills to the test. If you mess up and do something Simon didn’t say, then you take a drink. Want an extra fun spin on this game? Think of funny things that “Simon” can ask people to do, like “say the alphabet backward,” or “play air guitar,” or “pretend to be a pair of scissors!”

Question Drinking Games for Couples

Never Have I Ever

Looking to learn more about your partner (and everyone else in the room)? Then, Never Have I Ever may be the best choice. To start, players take turns around the room, listing potential experiences they haven’t had yet. For example, if someone said, “Never have I ever drank tequila,” the people who have drunk it before would take a sip from their cup. If nobody else in the room has tried tequila, then the question-asker is the one to take a sip. This game can be a lot of fun for people just starting to learn more about their partners. But keep in mind — this game can get a little racy if it’s played long enough. So, make sure you go in with an open mind.

Two Truths and a Lie

Much like “Never Have I Ever,” this is another great party game that can actually serve as an ice breaker at a party or even on a first date. The game is just as it sounds. Your partner will tell you two truths about themself, and one lie. It’s your job to figure out which is which. So, not only do you learn about someone, but you can also get some insight into how creative they can be on the spot. If you guess correctly, they take a drink. If not, you do. Just make sure to have them follow up with more information about what they said. It’s a great way to start a good conversation!

Fun Drinking Games for Couples

The Movie Game

This one is perfect for trivia buffs and can be played in teams or just one-on-one. The first person will say the name of an actor or film. The following person then needs to name either a movie they’ve been in or another person in that movie. For example, if someone started out saying “Leonardo DiCaprio,” the second person can follow that up with “Titanic.” Then, either the original question-asker or the next person playing would have to give another actor’s name in the film. If they chose “Kate Winslet,” the next person would need to state another movie where Winslet starred. The second someone blanks, they have to take a drink. It’s a lot of fun and never gets tiresome.

Boat Race

If you’re already familiar with the game Flip Cup, Boat Race isn’t too far off. In Flip Cup, players need to down a drink and then properly flip the Solo cup they drank from. With Boat Race, you’ll actually be wearing that cup when you finish drinking. The cup on the head signifies to your partner and your party guests that you’ve finished. You can play this in teams, or even one-on-one, if you’re really looking for quick and funny date ideas.

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

This is a great way to make sure your partner is an expert on you. Ask questions about your first date, your favorite color, when you first met, and more. If they get a question wrong, they have to drink. If they get a question right, they get a kiss. Either way, this is a great way to get saucy and sultry.

Spin The Bottle

This isn’t your classic eighth-grade party of spin the bottle. Instead of spinning it between you and your partner, put it in a circle of objects. This can include a pair of panties, chocolate, a sexy outfit, whipped cream, or handcuffs. Spin the bottle, and whatever it lands on, the person has to do something with it that amuses their partner. The person who fails to put on a worthy show must take a shot.

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