Dude Claims Dems Are 'Weaponizing Babies' -- And Internet Shuts It Down

by Love Barnett
Alex Wong / Getty

A few days ago, after the Senate unanimously voted to allow newborns on the chamber floor in response to Senator Tammy Duckworth becoming the first sitting Senator to give birth while serving in office, this image came across my newsfeed, as trash tends to do sometimes:

“Duckworth could potentially ‘weaponize’ her baby because infants haven’t previously been allowed in this arena. What if she uses the presence of her child to influence legislation? I don’t think that’s fair. It’s a perfectly reasonable question. I’m not attacking working moms.”

Now, I don’t follow all the talking heads in the Twittersphere, but this was pretty out there, so I went off in search of this thread, just to see if this guy was for real. I found many people responding to this tweet, but it seemed that the tweet itself had been deleted sometime in the interim because I couldn’t seem to locate it.

We’re in luck though, because instead of rethinking that steaming pile of WTAF, he came back and doubled down on it.

I could sit here and rant about all the ways this is truly fucked up, but I think we’re probably on the same page. Meet Richard Armande Mills (RAM), who goes by RAMRANTS on Twitter, but I’ll just call him Dick today.

Needless to say, the Internet at large was not having any of his nonsense and responded with all due respect to a train of thought such as this.

BOOM! Stick that in your Roe v. Wade repeal plans and smoke it, hypocrites.

Can confirm. I’ve spoken to my Congressional aides a few dozen times. My actual Congressmen? Nada. Ain’t nobody got time to listen to actual constituents when form letters and secretaries will do.

Um. Yes. That’s exactly what it means.

Winner winner chicken dinner.

The horror. We can’t have that. We can’t have that at all.

I support equal parental rights for male and female Senators. No problem here.

SHHHHHHHH! Don’t be telling all our military secrets and whatnot on the Twitter machine, dammit. That’s what we have a President for.

Someone call Dana Loesch and get her on top of this, immediately.

I know, girl. Me too! I feel so abandoned by my mom tribe right now that no one shared this information with me sooner. Is there an appeals process we can beg to, in order to get those options back?

Twitterers weren’t the only ones who had Things To Say to dear ole Dick. Facebook commenters also had questions and concerns.

My children are teenagers with one foot out the door, so I don’t have a baby in need of a weapons upgrade (color me jealous, I never knew it was an option), so I just have one question at this point: