Dunkaroos Will Be Back This Summer And '90s Kids Are Rejoicing

by Christina Marfice
General Mills

’90s kids will be packing their own lunches all summer long when Dunkaroos return to stores

It all started on Monday, when a Twitter account was created. That Twitter account responded to a tweet made by Kim Kardashian all the way back in 2018. “Obsessed with Dunkaroos,” she wrote. “Please come back!”

This mystery account’s reply? “As you wish.” Could it be? Was someone just messing with ’90s kids all over the world, or did this account actually know something about Dunkaroos?

Soon enough, the account was verified, and the news broke for real. Dunkaroos are, in fact, back, and you’ll be able to buy them as soon as this summer.

To say ’90s kids are rejoicing is a serious understatement.

Finally, we can stop with this low-rent impersonation of Dunkaroos (and don’t act like you haven’t also done this while trying to recapture the magic of your childhood).

Truly, we are living in a magical time.

Dunkaroos were the quintessential snack of the ’90s. Pulling a pack of these bad boys out of your lunch box was the most powerful flex you could possibly make in the cafeteria. As many have noted online, there was no currency so stable on the playground as these little cookies and their liquid-sugar “frosting” dip.

Dunkaroos, which were introduced in 1992, disappeared from store shelves sometime in the early 2010s, and we have no idea why. Maybe ’90s kids grew up and started realizing that cookies dipped in sugar sauce aren’t a super viable snack, but also, there is so little joy in our adult lives and we could just really use some Dunks, OK? And God bless General Mills for coming through for us.

So far, all that’s been announced is that Dunkaroos are coming back. We don’t have an exact date other than just “this summer.” We don’t know exactly where you’ll be able to buy them, but we’re hoping really hard it’ll be a wide release at grocery stores all over so everyone has a chance to get their hands on some of this sweet, sweet ’90s snackage.

What we do know is what flavor is coming back, and the news could not be better. General Mills is bringing back the perfect combination: Vanilla cookies and rainbow sprinkle frosting, otherwise known as The Classic. Peanut butter frosting fans, don’t @ me, and also you guys know you’re weird.

Now we just have a few more months to wait before we can get our first taste of this delicious, delicious nostalgia. Fellow ’90s kids, see you on the playground, Dunkaroos in hand.