Dunkin' Donuts Is Selling DIY Donut Kits

by Cassandra Stone
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Dunkin Donuts Is Selling DIY Donut Kits

The Dunkin’ Donuts DIY kits include frosting and sprinkles galore

Dunkin’ Donuts has never failed us in providing exactly what the whole family needs — coffee for parents, sugary deliciousness for kids (and who are we kidding, us too of course). And now during the ongoing pandemic that has many of us quarantined and yearning for sweet treats, they’ve got us covered with DIY donut kits.

Starting now, select Dunkin’ Donuts locations are now offering these DIY kits full of a variety of donuts and toppings like frosting and sprinkles. Some locations are offering a four-donut option that includes strawberry frosting, chocolate frosting, and vanilla frosting, and two varieties of sprinkles for $7.99. There are also kits with a nine-donut option with the same three frostings and three varieties of sprinkles for $15.99.

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Basically, these are perfect for the whole family and a great way to keep the kids entertained and satisfied with their favorite sweets.

“The reality of this experience has set in, and we know it’s not going anywhere anytime soon,” says one franchisee, Matt Cobo, who is also a father of three. “Like most parents, we were looking for ways to entertain our kids and bring a little levity to this situation.”

The idea was borne out of one Concord, California location where an employee, Norma Valkenaar, thought of the perfect way to keep her nephews happy while staying at home. After seeing the joy the donut decorating kit brought to Norma’s nephews and their friends, Valkenaar’s location began creating DIY Dunkin’ Donut Kits, comprised of donut rings, different types of frosting and a variety of sprinkles, giving kids the opportunity to decorate their own donut creations at home.

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According to Dunkin’ Donuts’ website, the idea took off as customers shared their own “kits’ by leaving them on doorsteps of friends and family members. And honestly, who wouldn’t want to be surprised by an entire kit of donuts, ready to be dressed up to your preferences?

“This is our small way of trying to brighten someone’s day,” said Cobo. “The simple joy of getting to create your own donut can make kids light up, and if we can be a part of creating that moment, that makes us happy.”

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As of March 17, service at Dunkin’ U.S. restaurants is temporarily limited to drive-thru ordering, carry-out and delivery, with a select number of locations also offering curbside service. Check you local Dunkin’ Donuts franchise to see if the donut kits are available near you.

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