The Rock's Post About Playing With Your Kids On Christmas Day Is Too Real

by Julie Scagell
Instagram/The Rock

The Rock shared a photo of his daughter demanding he play with her and her new Christmas toys in painfully relatable post

Hollywood star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is just like the rest of us — I mean besides being smoking hot, a millionaire, and with the ability to bench press a small SUV. Johnson, aka Dwanta (Dwayne + Santa = Dwanta), shared an adorable picture on Christmas playing with his daughter Tia and the new Barbie she got for Christmas. And by play he means holding onto Barbie while his daughter ignores him.

The Rock can be seen with a “#DeathGripOnBarbie” in the adorable Instagram post while his daughter sits at his feet playing with everything other than Barbie. “Post Christmas, ‘Daddy come play Barbie with me,’ which in reality means..Daddy holds this Barbie for a solid 45min straight while baby Tia does whatever she wants and completely ignores Barbie the whole time,” Johnson captioned the photo.

He also uttered the phrase most parents did on Christmas, which was, “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere right?” with a drinks emoji.

Johnson is always sharing cute moments with his kids with fans and we are glad he does. He seems like a very hands-on parent and his kids look like they adore him. I mean, how can you not?

On Saturday, the actor shared another photo of him sitting in front of the television with Tia, Dwanta hat tipped to one side with a caption that read: “Dwanta spends months carefully planning for Christmas and this lil’ independent boss opens just one gift and decides she’ll open the rest later, but first we’re watching LION KING…for the 987th time.”

It’s funny because it’s true. Parents build up Christmas morning and more times than not, little ones find one toy out of the pile to play with in lieu of opening the other 500 or get bored and move onto something else entirely. The “something else” often being a movie they’ve watched a million times already.

When he’s not spending time with his family, Dwanta’s been busy making other people’s Christmas dreams come true. He shared a video of one father who was selling some of his things on eBay so he could give his kids a Christmas they would remember. The Rock purchased all of the items and plans to fly him out to visit the DC Universe exhibit once it’s safe to make the trip.

We love The Rock for his honesty and ability to keep it real. It reminds us we aren’t in this alone — a sentiment we most definitely needed this year.