Dylan Dreyer's Husband Shares Post That Shows Pain Of Miscarriage For Dads

by Cassandra Stone
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Brian Fichera/Instagram

Dreyer’s husband, Brian Fichera, shared an emotional Instagram post

TODAY co-anchor Dylan Dreyer is currently pregnant with her second child, but has been open about her struggle with secondary infertility after the birth of her first son, Calvin. Her husband recently opened up about how Hoda Kotb was there for the couple during a devastating miscarriage earlier this year.

Back in February, Dreyer and her husband, Brian Fichera, found out that Dreyer had suffered a miscarriage. They had planned to attend a Sesame Street Live performance with Hoda and her family that day, and ultimately decided to go on with the day despite the devastating news.

Fichera is now sharing the details of that awful day in a sweet Instagram post where he gives Hoda a shout-out for being a source of support.

“To everyone that takes this picture at face value it’s just a snapshot from about 1 year ago of two families smiling ear to ear after seeing the infectiously joyous Sesame Street live,” Fichera writes in the caption. He says the background of the happy photo was, obviously, more devastating than what it appears — Dreyer had suffered a miscarriage that morning.

Dreyer went to her doctor’s office and Fichera took their son to Madison Square Garden for the show, where they were waiting for her to join them later.

“When I arrived with Calvin Hoda asked where Dylan was…I told her she was at a doctors office and Hoda could see right away it wasn’t exactly a scheduled visit,” Fichera writes. “My eyes began to well and I uttered what I hadn’t yet had the courage to say ‘I think we had a miscarriage.'”

He says it was his “first one-on-one” with Hoda, and he felt as though he unleashed a heavy hurden onto her. But because she’s HODA, a saint of a woman (as anyone who’s watched her on the TODAY show knows without a doubt), she stopped everything to offer support to the grieving dad.

“Without hesitation she gave me a hug…Joel reached out and the kids just sat with great anticipation waiting for Elmo to come out and rock their world. When Dylan arrived I had cried my tears and was ready to carry the world for Dylan to help get her through this time and it was all because Hoda Kotb and her family were so kind and so supportive.”

The couple is currently expecting their second son next month. Though anyone who’s endured a miscarriage can attest to, even if you are able to have more children, you never forget the grief of that awful time. You also never forget those who saw you through it.

Fichera says that he felt compelled to share the story of Hoda’s kindness and love now that the year is ending on a happier note for him and his family: “It was the moment after hitting rock bottom where we decided to start our climb back up. Be kind to each other. You will never know the power of your kindness.”

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