Easter Egg Butts Is The Content We're Here For

by Thea Glassman
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Getty and Scary Mommy

Easter egg butts are an actual thing and this is a trend we can all get behind

Painting easter eggs are fun. But painting easter eggs on butts? That’s a whole other level of NSFW fun. Prepare yourself for quite possibly the weirdest, funniest, hairiest trend out there right now.

Easter egg butts come courtesy of Buzzfeed, who introduced the idea back in 2016. “Are you tired of painting the same old Easter eggs year in and year out? We feel you — it’s not easy!” the post read. “That’s why we invented Easter Butts™! They’re just like eggs but bigger and better in every way.”

They commissioned a whole bunch of photographs of men with their bums transformed into super bright, super colorful, occasionally bejeweled easter eggs and it was quite a sight to behold. Fair warning: you might never look at easter eggs the same way again.

Thankfully, Easter Butts have lived on since they made their loud and proud 2016 debut. There are plenty of Instagram pictures of men whose bums have been turned into festive, colorful treats and the world is very, very grateful for their boldness and nakedness. Prepare yourself for so many butt cheeks, some courtesy of the OG Buzzfeed photoshoot.

A few are delicate and feature more traditional easter egg artwork like flowers and pretty patterns.

Others are bolder and slightly more abstract. A whole lot of respect for the guy with the Mona Lisa on his butt. And the guy who’s probably really, really proud of his home state California.

Also hats off to the very diligent, serious artists who have to get up close and personal to make these Easter Butts happen.

Like, really up close and personal.

Huge shout-out to this glow-in-the-dark Easter Butt. Who said butt cheeks can’t be artsy?!

Thanks Buzzfeed for creating this very weird, very epic tradition. The Easter Bunny (probably) approves.

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