3 Last Minute Fourth Of July Treats That Anyone Can Make. Yes, Even You.

3 Last Minute Fourth Of July Treats That Anyone Can Make. Yes, Even You.

by Alison Bucalo
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July 4th is almost here and that means you’re probably going to be making some tasty treats. That’s what the Fourth of July is about, right? Eating? Here are three recipes that are so easy, you won’t know which one to make first!

Ice Cream Sandwich Patriotic Pops

These patriotic pops are PERFECT for the little ones and take two seconds to actually make.


1 package of ice cream sandwiches

1 package of red, white and blue sprinkles

1 package of wood ice cream sticks


Cut ice cream sandwiches in half. (money saving! YAY!)

Insert the stick into one end

Add sprinkles to edges of the ice cream sandwich


Firecracker Rice Krispy Treats

Your family is going to be impressed. Trust us.

We’re celebrating July 4th with a twist on a crowd favorite — Rice Krispie Treats. And the best part? They’re store bought and with a sprinkle here and some chocolate there, plain desserts change to patriotic treats right before your eyes.


1 package of Rice Krispie Bars. (The store-bought ones will do. I told you this is a great recipe!)

1 package blue candy melts

1 package red candy melts

1 package of sprinkles — go with the star shaped ones if you want to be really patriotic

1 package black licorice rope

1 package large marshmallows

1 cupcake icing

And some skewers!


Separate by color, place melts in bowls and microwave for about 30 seconds.

Skewer marshmallows and dip them in the red candy melt. Put to the side. (If you can control yourself and not eat all those red candy melt covered marshmallows, then move on to the next step.)

Dip one side of Rice Krispie Bars into the blue candy melt.

Place the Rice Krispie Bars blue side down on a plate. Get your red candy melt covered marshmallows and remove the skewers, but before you go throwing those skewers away, poke a hole into the marshmallows on the other side. This will make sense later. Just trust us! Go ahead and put those marshmallows on top of the Rice Krispie Bars.

It’s time for the black licorice rope. Cut the ropes into about 2 inch segments and stick them into the hole of the marshmallows! I told you this would all make sense! About an inch of rope should be sticking out.

Fetch your cupcake icing! After you squirt some directly into your mouth – don’t act like you don’t do that – squeeze a little on each corner of the Rice Krispie Bars. Isn’t that cute? Then get those sprinkles and sprinkle some directly into your mouth – you know you want to – and then sprinkle them on top of each cupcake icing dollop. Adorbs!

And that’s it! You just made an easy and very fancy looking festive treat you and your family will love.

Strawberry Shortcake Skewers


1 Entenmann’s shortcake

1 package of strawberries

1 package of vanilla chocolate melts

1 package of skewers


Slice up the cake into cubes

Clean strawberries, cutting off the tops

Slice strawberries into large pieces. Do not eat them all before you make the skewers. That’s uncool.

Skewer strawberries and cake, alternating between the two

Put the vanilla melts in a bowl and microwave for about 30 seconds

Drizzle the vanilla over the skewers or don’t. Your choice. It’s America.

Now that’s a Fourth of July Celebration! Enjoy! Happy Fourth!

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