30 Quick And Easy Trader Joe’s Recipes To Make In 30 Minutes Or Less

30 Easy Weeknight Trader Joe’s Recipes For Exhausted And Hungry Moms

October 16, 2019 Updated October 8, 2020

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For a mom who will gleefully spend over an hour photographing a toddler and fluffy Goldendoodle together, I have zero chill when it comes to cooking — and less when it comes to grocery shopping. So much so that I lose my patience exactly at the 30-minute mark of cooking dinner. Especially if it’s during the week and I’ve just come home from work. Which is why I was ecstatic when a Trader Joe’s set its sights on my neighborhood and opened literally behind my building. 

Now, at any given time, you can find my freezer filled to the brim with fresh roasted and frozen vegetables, golden and delicious sweet potato gnocchi, and creamy mushroom risotto mere minutes away from the dinner table. Paired with some fresh ingredients and pantry staples, easy Trader Joe’s recipes have given me my weeknights back. Plus, now I have more time to play with my toddler (read: stop her from coloring our walls, furniture, and the aforementioned dog). 

Best of all, quick Trader Joe’s dinners turn into tasty toddler or kid school lunches for the next day. So it’s winner, winner, chicken poblano and ravioli dinner!

Ahead, easy and yummy Trader Joe’s dinners you can pop out in 30 minutes or less. 

1. Creamy Chicken & Poblano Ravioli

Coming in at only $3.69, these delicious chicken and poblano ravioli can be piping hot on a plate in a matter of 6 minutes. Yes, you read that right. Sprinkle with some parmesan and add a side of Trader Joe’s roasted brussels sprouts for a filling and appetizing mid-week meal.


2. Outside-In Stuffed Gnocchi

Run, don’t walk, to your nearest TJs and grab as many of these Outside-In marinara and mozzarella cheese-stuffed gnocchi. At my local store they sell out nearly as soon as they’re stocked. And why wouldn’t they be? Each heavenly morsel is stuffed with all the sauce and cheese that you would typically spoon on top. At $2.99 a bag, these are a steal and cook in about 10 minutes.

You know what else? Kids love them!

3. Salad, It’s What’s For Dinner

For those evenings when you’re more peckish than hungry, a simple Greek salad with salty and tangy feta cheese will do the trick. Add some Trader Joe’s lemon grilled chicken breast for extra protein. Pack an extra serving for a crisp and light lunch at work the next day.

4. Pan-fried Quinoa Cowboy Veggie Burger

If you feel like having a burger but don’t feel like cooking said burger, may I suggest a grilled and seasoned to perfection veggie burger from Trader Joe’s. Made with fresh and savory ingredients like quinoa, black beans, corn, and red peppers, this veggie delight will whet that appetite when served on a brioche bun and paired with some corn salsa. Oh, and a pack of four burgers will set you back only $3.69.

5. Crêpe Wafer Cookies With Cocoa Almond Drizzle And Fresh Fruit

Why should your savory taste buds have all the fun? Satisfy your sweet tooth with a dessert for dinner. Enter: Crêpe Wafer Cookies with cocoa almond drizzle and fresh bananas or berries. Live a little and add some creamy Trader Joe’s whipped cream for a complete meal. For $2.49 a box you may even share some with the rest of the family.


6. Spicy Salmon Burgers With Bloody Mary Salsa

If you’re in the mood for a burger but don’t feel like having red meat for dinner, then kindly see yourself to the frozen fish section at your nearest Trader Joe’s. And while you’re at it, stop by the condiments section and pick up the new no alcohol Bloody Mary Salsa. Pull the salmon burger, salsa, and veggies like avocado and sprouts together on a toasted brioche bun for a dinner for two that costs less than $15 and will take less than 15 minutes to pull together.

7. Spicy Vegan Super Burrito

This vegan burrito is a mélange of flavors and textures and can be found right in the frozen section. A mix of white and red quinoa, sweet potatoes, kale, onions, and a healthy heaping of red chili flakes wrapped in a toasted wheat tortilla. I don’t know about a super burrito but it’s definitely super flavorful.

8. Pollo Asado Fajitas

Think it’s impossible to get restaurant quality sizzling chicken fajitas at home? Wrong! Mix TJ’s Frozen Mélange à Trois bell peppers with cut strips of their Pollo Asado Autentico and bake on a sheet at 400 degrees for 35 minutes. While the chicken and peppers are roasting, toast up some tortillas and prepare sour cream, guacamole, and salsa. Enjoy.

9. Vegan Or Chicken Tikka Masala Burritos

This meal is proof that we can have nice things in life. Microwave Trader Joe’s Chicken Tikka Masala dinner while you get a tortilla nice and toasty on the stove. You can pick up the Vegan Tikka Masala dinner if you’d like instead. Both options are $3.69. Layer rice, chicken, tikka sauce, peas, and yogurt, and your favorite TJ’s chutney one-by-one before carefully wrapping the whole delectable concoction together into a burrito. Pro tip: replace the tortilla for garlic naan bread and send your taste buds into a frenzy.

10. Spring Rolls With Creamy Sesame Dressing

This is a really complicated meal to put together so read these directions carefully. 1) Pick up TJ’s vegetable or shrimp spring rolls. 2) Pick up TJ’s Organic Toasted Sesame Salad Dressing. 3) Open packages, dip spring rolls into dressing. 4) Eat.

11. Organic Shells & White Cheddar Macaroni & Cheese

Who says you can’t eat boxed mac and cheese as an adult? Join the kids for dinner with TJ’s creamy, lick-the-spoon delicious organic shells and white cheddar mac and cheese. At only $1.39 a box, a meal for four will cost you a whopping $5.56!

12. Lemon Ricotta Ravioli Salad

Run, don’t walk to your nearest Trader Joe’s and pick up a package of these tangy cheesy bites of goodness. Add some arugula and shaved parmesan for extra bite and flavor. The prep is so easy for this dinner, you can have a meal on the table in less than 10 minutes.

13. Black Bean & Cheese Taquitos

Taco Tuesday just upped its game! For extra crunch AND an easy dinner, grab this $3.99 pack of vegetarian black bean taquitos from TJ’s. If you’re extra lazy, toast these bad boys in the oven and dip them straight in a Trader Joe’s Chipotle Salsa jar.

14. Mediterranean Nachos

On an evening when lighter fare will do the trick, try this Trader Joe’s “recipe” for Mediterranean nachos. Just combine TJ’s Sea Salt Pita Chips, diced cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions and sprinkle liberally with crumbled feta cheese for added tang. Et voilá!

15. Mac and Cheese Bites

What’s better than mac and cheese after a long day at work or school? Fried mac and cheese balls! These creamy and crunchy bites of goodness are a blend of Cheddar, Havarti, Swiss, and Gouda cheese and at only $3.99, you’re definitely walking out with at least four boxes.

16. Old Fashioned Potato Salad Done Three Ways

Dress up and flavor this $4.99 pack of TJ’S Old Fashioned Potato Salad three ways for three completely different flavors and cravings. Add TJ’s Mexican Style Roasted Corn and Carne Asada for a south of the border flavor. Add Harissa and turkey bacon for a smokey Middle Eastern flavor. And go Greek with some kalamata olives, crumbled feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, and onions for a Greek salad flavor. Any way you have it, it’s bound to be creamy and delicious.


17. Sloppy Joe Sliders

In the immortal words of Saturday Night Live‘s Adam Sandler: “Sloppy joe, slop, sloppy joe!” Grab a pack of TJ’s Turkey Bolognese Sauce and fluffy Aloha rolls for this mid-week delight. Olive oil, a diced bell pepper, and some ketchup round out your ingredient list for tangy sloppy joe sliders that’ll have everyone asking for seconds.

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📷: “Sloppy Joe Sliders,” featuring #TraderJoes Turkey Bolognese • #TJsRecipe Link in Bio — TJ’s Turkey #Bolognese is, as the package proclaims, “Just Sauce.” But this “Just Sauce” isn’t just any #sauce. It’s a rich, hearty concoction of ground turkey, #tomatosauce, mirepoix (chopped onions, carrots & celery), white wine, butter, garlic & spices. It makes a protein-packed topping for a quick #pasta dish 🍝, but its straightforward, Just Sauce-y nature means that it’s more or less *destined* to be doctored up. Doesn’t it look dreamy as the anchor ingredient in our Sloppy Joe Sliders? Follow the link in our bio for the full recipe! — | 12 oz. Pkg. | Ready in 5-6 Min. | Sold Frozen |

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18. Pumpkin Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Cookies For Dinner

Every once in a while you just don’t feel like having a full meal and what you really want is an indulgent treat that doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to make. Enter: Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Cookie Mix! A stick of salted butter and a large egg is all you need to turn this $3.99 pack into a tray of piping hot cookies. Best part: it only takes five minutes to prep and 15 minutes to bake.

19. Spizzico di Pizza aka Pizza Bites

Turn your home into a pizzeria with these mini pizza bites! Per TJs, “Spizzico di Pizza” means “Little Bites of Pizza,” and that’s exactly what these crunchy and cheesy pizzas are. Add a side of arugula and shaved parmesan salad for filling meal for all.

20. Chilaquiles Rojo

Indulge in breakfast for dinner with this crunchy and savory Chilaquiles from TJs. A traditional Mexican breakfast dish made up of fried corn tortillas, tangy tomato and chili sauce topped with melted cheese, the possibilities are endless with this crunchy meal. Add chicken or beans, a fried egg, sour cream and verde sauce for an Instagram-worthy and filling meal in [checks watch] five minutes! A 16-ounce bag will only set you back $4.99! A breakfast and a deal.

21. Pumpkin Bisque

When chilly fall evenings roll around, the only thing on anyone’s mind are warm soups that feed the soul. Indulge in TJ’s creamy and rich Pumpkin Bisque and toasted focaccia bread for a super hearty meal. At only $3.99 per each 25 ounce jar, it’s a steal.

22. Hot Dogs All the Way

Taco Tuesdays have become a mainstay for easy weeknight dinners, but may we also suggest adding Hot Dog Family Night into the repertoire? Toast up some buns, grill or boil up some delicious TJ chicken, beef, or soy dogs, and make sure to pick up some yummy toppings like Trader Joe’s Honey Pale Ale mustard, relish, and chopped onions for a dog with all the fixings.

23. Savory Egg Sandwiches

Who says egg sandwiches are just for breakfast? Toasted English muffins and TJ’s Egg Frittata make a yummy combo that are ridiculously easy to prep. Add tomato slices, your favorite leafy green, and a sauce with zest to round out the flavors.


24. Pizza, Pizza

So, it’s day 1,485 of quarantine and you can’t be bothered to cook one more meal. But you’re also hungry, craving yummy comfort food, and don’t want to spend money on delivery. We get it. Luckily, in 20 minutes and only $5.99 you can have a crispy and cheesy Trader Joe’s organic cheese and tomato pizza on the dinner table.

25. Meatless Beef Burgers

Going meatless is all the rage these days as plant-based options offer options to load up on protein without eating meat. Luckily, Trader Joe’s is answering the demand with their Protein Patties. And just as advertised, they make for a delicious weeknight burger dinner with a side of their sweet potato fries, tater tots, or garlic fries. However you eat it, don’t forget to pick up TJ’s brioche buns!


26. Cold and Savory Udon Salad

You don’t have to do a thing except crack open this yummy tub of cold udon noodles mixed with carrot matchsticks, green and red cabbage, red bell peppers and chopped roasted peanuts. The green onions and fresh cilantro complete the flavor profile that will send you straight to heaven.

27. Mandarin Chicken Orange

You don’t go to Paris and not marvel at the Eiffle Tower, you don’t go to China without walking the Great Wall, and you don’t go to Trader Joe’s without buying a bag of their infamous Mandarin Chicken Orange. Quite literally, their most popular product, TJs can’t seem to replenish their supply before it quickly sells out again. See what the fuss is all about and try this tasty and tangy dish out for a quick dinner. Serve with TJs fried rice for extra yum.

28. Turkeyless Protein Burgers

What’s better than a nice juicy turkey burger? A turkeyless protein patty jam packed with vegetables and good-for-you nutrients that come with a whopping 23 grams of protein per serving. Pair with your favorite toasted buns, sliced tomatoes, onions, and any other creamy spread you’re into.


29. Spicy Pumpkin Samosas

When is the perfect time for samosas? Uh, that question should be when is it NOT the perfect time for this flaky and flavorful South Asian appetizer? And with Trader Joe’s seasonal pumpkin-stuffed samosas hitting the shelves as soon as the leaves start turning brown, this treat should be part of your holiday appetizer spread or snack in front of Sunday football on TV.


30. Broccoli Cheddar Soup

Soup is the name of the game. As soon as the weather dips below 60 degrees, nothing feels as cozy and comforting as a creamy bowl of soup and a toasty, crusty hunk of bread to dip in it. Luckily, at only $4.49 for a 20 oz. container, you can share or have the whole tub of delicious goodness all to yourself.

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📷: #TraderJoes Unexpected Broccoli Cheddar Soup • Shown with TJ’s Roasted Tomato & Parmesan Focaccia Bread

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It’s a veggie-based #Soup, including diced carrots and #broccoli florets, with seasonings such as turmeric, onion, and garlic. One 20 oz. container is enough for a couple hearty helpings that are quick to heat in the microwave or a stovetop saucepan!

• Vegetarian • 220 Cal. Per 1 Cup • In Our Refrigerators •

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Bon appétit!