Kids Bring Kool-Aid Mix To School, Get Suspended For Violating ‘Drug Policy’

by Sarah Hosseini
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The school says the ‘happy crack’ looks like a drug and violates policy

Nine South Carolina elementary students have been suspended for bringing Kool-Aid mixed with sugar to school. The school said the powdery concoction, also called “happy crack,” (we kid you not) violates the school’s drug policy.

For those of you who might be curious to see what “happy crack” looks like, Fox News WGHP tweeted out a photo of the sugary mixture. In a bag like that, it does kind of look like a real drug.

“Happy Crack” is not actually an illicit drug, obviously. But the school’s policy, informed by South Carolina state law, prohibits students from bringing illicit substances to school (obviously and rightfully so), but also anything that resembles an illicit substance.

OK, fair enough. That’s the policy. But suspension? Over a bag of colored sugar? Isn’t that a little over the top?

One of the parents told ABC News 4, “The way she called me, I thought my son died,” she said. “She said there’s this epidemic going on at school with happy crack. I Googled it. I’m like Kool-Aid and sugar, are you serious? I was appalled. I was floored. I really didn’t think it would go to this extreme.”

If you think suspension is over the top, can you believe the kids were all originally facing expulsion? According to WYFF4 News, the students were almost expelled for bringing a bunch of sugar to school. WTF? Someone pass me a bag of “happy crack” please.

Maybe a chat with the students and the parents might’ve been more appropriate considering their ages. A little slap on the ‘ol wrist? Many of us parents have probably jokingly referred to sugar as “crack” as we’ve witnessed our own kids go crazy after downing cake at a birthday party, ice cream, or handfuls of Halloween candy.

But can we be real for a moment? Candy crack kinda looks like Fun Dip or Pixie Sticks, not legit drugs.

Apparently this isn’t the first time students in the district have been caught possessing “candy crack” according to The Post and Courier. Three other students in March were suspended for playing with a plastic baggie of the mixture and police described it as having “a strong fruity mango smell.” Well, yes. That is what candy sometimes smells like.

Those kids were prohibited from going on a field trip as punishment.

With that being said, anyone know where I can score some sugar? In the form of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or mint ice cream? I’m addicted to the stuff.


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