'Elf' Cereal Exists To Make Our 2020 Holidays Complete

by Julie Scagell
General Mills

We can all eat like Buddy the Elf this holiday season

Thanks to General Mills, we’ll now be able to “treat every day like Christmas,” just like our favorite Buddy the Elf told us. The multinational manufacturer created a new and limited-edition cereal inspired by Buddy from the hit holiday movie, Elf.

In addition to using Buddy’s image on the packaging (along with pals Arctic Puffin and Mr. Narhwal), the cereal tastes like one of Buddy’s favorite foods — real maple syrup. The corn puff cereal also has green and red holiday tree marshmallows. The other three food groups — candy, candy canes, and candy corn — must be bought separately. Same with the spaghetti.

General Mills

A representative for General Mills told People that the cereal treat has already begun hitting shelves, but you’ll want to stock up because it’s only going to be sold through the holiday season. If your kids are anything like mine, they’ll go through a family-sized box every other day so you may want an extra cart just for these.

Since Buddy (played by Will Ferrell) stole our hearts back in 2003, generations have added Elf to their list of holiday must-watch movies. His journey from discovering he was human and meeting his dad and giving audiences a rare look into Santa’s Workshop is one of the best Christmas films to come out in the last 20 years. Buddy’s journey through the seven levels of the candy cane forest, past the sea of swirly twirly gumdrops, and through the Lincoln Tunnel, awakens our inner child-like innocence and overall sense of wonder and melts the hearts of anyone who watches it.

If we can find that same magic from a box of cereal, it’s worth a try, especially now. A regular-sized box will retail for $2.50, and a family-sized box is expected to cost $3.99, according to the company.

The cereal kings and queens are also bringing back another holiday favorite: Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch. As the name suggests, the wholegrain and rice squares taste like sugar cookies, which is exactly how breakfast should taste in my humble opinion.

General Mills

Themed cereals aren’t a new thing. We’ve seen Elf on the Shelf cereal (which comes with its own edible glitter, of course), Baby Shark cereal (because everyone needs more Baby Shark in their lives), and even a Peeps-inspired cereal on store shelves in the past. We want to roll our eyes at the marketing of it all but still manage to throw a box into our carts before leaving the cereal aisle. If anything can bring us a little bit of joy right now, it’s Buddy the Elf.