Elizabeth Warren Has A Plan To Cut Gun Deaths By 80%

by Sarah Bregel
Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

Senator Elizabeth Warren hopes to drastically reduce gun deaths by going after the NRA and raising taxes on guns

Presidential hopeful, Senator Elizabeth Warren, has big plans when it comes to cutting down on gun deaths in the United States. She just introduced her goals, which would sharply increase taxes on guns and ammunition in an effort to reduce gun deaths. She also wants to take on the NRA.

Warren released her plans just ahead of her appearance alongside the other democratic nominees at a forum on gun control in Des Moines, Iowa on Saturday, August 10, 2019.

Other aspects of the senator’s plan are for universal background checks, federal gun licensing, a one-week waiting period on all gun purchases, as well as a ban on assault weapons, along with several other key items. Basically, it’s a plan that comes from all angles, an approach the senator says is necessary.

“You’ve got to start with a goal. I haven’t heard anybody else talk about a goal,” Warren said on The NPR Politics Podcast. “What I’ve heard them talk about is here’s one thing we’ll do, and one thing we’ll do, and one thing we’ll do, and then we’ll quit.”

Either way, it’s definitely one of the most clearly outlined plans we’ve seen from anyone thus far. While other candidates, like Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Cory Booker have talked plans that have plenty of similarities to Warren’s, what sets Warren’s plans apart are going head to head to disrupt the NRA’s influence and the tax increase.

Warren says that gun reform is of desperate importance right now in America. “We’ve gotta have a leader who’s willing to stand up to the gun lobby and say no more. And to take away one of their principal tools, which is the filibuster,” she said.

Warren has been an especially vocal candidate on pushing back against the NRA and the need for gun control. Last week, she spoke out on Twitter, as she has done in the past over Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s inaction.

She also shared condolences for the grieving victims’ families while also, sharing her disgust that no real change is being made.

Warren is certainly hopeful, though. And that feeling is a bit contagious.

She believes her comprehensive plan can help reduce gun deaths in the United States by 80%. That’s a huge number, but right now, the only huge numbers we’ve been seeing are the high number of gun-related deaths. So the change of tune is refreshing, even if it’s just a far-off goal at the moment.

Still, there is bound to be criticism over Warren’s plans. But the good news is, plans are being laid out. Right? Because truthfully, while we’ve heard a lot from the candidates, there hasn’t been much from our current administration. We’ve been told those with mental illness are to blame. We’ve been told immigrants are to blame. As are video games. But we haven’t been told what exactly is going to be done.

Undoubtedly, if Warren is elected, passing gun control won’t be easy. But it seems Americans are largely ready for a shift. Aside from the fact that most Americans are supportive of common-sense gun laws, in the past week, there has been a growing call for congress to make swift changes.

Basically, people are fed up with shootings being a constant and what seems to be, a lack of compassion from Washington. At this point, Warren’s all-angles approach is looking pretty good.

It’s certainly better than what we’re doing now: a whole lot of nothing.