Wait, Alexis Only Says 'Ew, David' Twice On 'Schitt's Creek'?

by Kristine Cannon
Alexis says her epic line 'Ew, David' On 'Schitt's Creek'

Here’s how many times Alexis actually said ‘Ew, David!’ on ‘Schitt’s Creek’

Emmy Award-winning actress and all-around gem Annie Murphy isn’t quite done addressing her most iconic Schitt’s Creek moments. The star of the just-premiered AMC dark comedy, Kevin Can Go F Himself, recently made an appearance on The Tonight Show to address one very common misconception about her character Alexis’ most iconic line from the hit — and sorely missed — Pop TV show: “Ew, David!” And the reveal has only made us want to rewatch the series from top to bottom — again.

During the interview with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday evening, Fallon brings up Murphy’s frequently quoted line, saying, “‘Ew, David!’ became a catchphrase of yours. Do people just scream that at you now?”

“Yes,” Murphy was quick to answer, adding, “and I just found out recently, some woman told us that I only actually say ‘Ew, David’ twice in the entire series.”

That’s right, the line is said on the show far less than we thought; but according to Popsugar, that number’s more like three times, not twice. They even listed exactly when Alexis utters the three-syllable line.

The first time takes place 12 minutes into Season 1 Episode 8, when Alexis replies to David saying, “Alexis, you’d like this product. It’s all about aging and dried skin.”

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The second time takes place 20 minutes into Season 2 Episode 11 after David says, “I can almost guarantee you that someone has killed themselves in this room.”

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And last but not least, the final “Ew, David!” is uttered by everyone’s favorite Schitt’s Creek character five minutes into Season 4 Episode 5 after David says, “Everyone’s trying to get their greasy hands on their cheese.”


Even Fallon was surprised by the reveal, but Murphy clears up any confusion.

“I also said, ‘Ugh, David!’ and ‘Why, David?.’ I tacked ‘David’ onto whatever I possibly could — and this ‘Ew, David’ thing spiraled out of control,” she says.

Murphy made an appearance on The Tonight Show to promote her new show, Kevin Can Go F Himself, where she plays the character of Allison, a housewife who, after realizing how manipulative her husband really is, unravels.

The show is so unique, it tells the story of Allison and Kevin via two very distinct storytelling styles: sitcom, whenever we follow Kevin, and single-camera structure, whenever we follow Allison out of the sitcom space.

“In its DNA is, how do you make the sitcom wife a real woman?” says creator Valerie Armstrong, per Variety. “Figuring out how aware she was about how miserable she was was very, very important in creating the pilot. For that woman to be there, she can’t know she’s miserable; she has to be convinced that this is where she’s supposed to be [and] that her happiness will ultimately lie in her marriage because that’s what she’s been told she’s good for.

“So, in the pilot it’s, ‘Kevin’s funny, Kevin’s a great guy, you just need to know how to work him’ and then getting to this place of understanding he’s not just destructive by accident,” Armstrong continues. “It might be masked, it might not be completely intentional all the time, but he manipulates her and has been for a while. And so, honestly as the show goes on I don’t think he gets worse, I think you start to realize his behavior.”

Kevin Can Go F Himself premiered on June 13 on AMC+ and will air on June 20 on AMC.