Every Working Mom Needs To See 'Lucy,' An Audible Theater World Premiere

The harrowing, hilarious play begins its limited run at New York City’s Minetta Lane Theatre this month.

Written by BDG Studios

If you’re looking to feel seen as a working mom, you absolutely need to hear all about Lucy. Fair warning: you might actually feel a little too seen. This harrowing — yet absolutely hilarious story — is one that most moms will be able to relate to all too well.

Written and directed by Erica Schmidt, Lucy is an Audible Original play that tells the tale of Mary, a working mom who has hired a professional nanny named Ashling to take care of her daughter, Lucy. Ashling is the total package; she’s professional, has plenty of experience, and a warm, sunny attitude. But as soon as Ashling starts watching Lucy, Mary notices that something is off, and the mind games ensue. Mary quickly begins to wonder if her chaotic and stressful work schedule paired with a brutal lack of sleep is playing with her mind, or if she’s accidentally let a bonafide troublemaker loose in her own home by hiring Ashling. As Mary attempts to unpack what’s going on, viewers will find themselves cringing one moment and cackling the next. Lucy is not only wildly entertaining, but a valid and relatable exploration of the emotions parents must deal with when putting their family’s safety in the arms of a new care provider.

Audible Theater

Performances for Audible Theater’s Lucy begin Friday, January 27 at Minetta Lane Theatre. It's playing for four weeks only, so don't wait to get your tickets over at LucyThePlay.com. It’s the perfect excuse to step out for a night on the town with your favorite fellow mom friends.