Meet 'Gramps'

A Charming Grandpa Gifts His 11 Grandchildren With Crocs And Surprise Accessory

This New Jersey grandfather's incredible gift is so delightful, the internet can't get enough.

Grandpa Liam Ryan is a Croc fanatic and absolute charmer!

This New Jersey grandpa is “in” on the fashion trends, and the internet loves him for it.

In a TikTok video shared by his granddaughter Grace Pettit, 87-year-old Liam Ryan excitedly presents each of his 11 grandchildren with a Christmas gift: a pair of Crocs and a personalized charm to go with them.

The charm? A picture of his face.

The grandkids, aged 4 through 28, laugh and squeal with delight as one yells, “It’s Gramps!”

The TikTok video has millions of views.

Pettit, 24, spoke with Today about the sweet and hilarious gifts, which she said hold sentimental value as Ryan’s late wife and her grandmother, Phyllis, was famous for wearing bright teal Crocs and a matching cover-up to the beach.

“Our Granny was the center of the house and just loved everyone so much,” Pettit, a second grade teacher in Hawaii, said. “Gramps embraces that same energy, which is beautiful. He makes each of us feel special. He's always calling to check in and see what we're up to."

The wholesome video has garnered 3.9 million views, and Gramps is now a viral sensation.

The Crocs pose together in one photo.

Gramps also participated in a “fit check” with Pettit, who smiles and laughs adoringly at her family’s patriarch as he breaks down what he’s wearing.

“My jeans are a Christmas gift. My shirt is a Christmas gift. My sweater, my brother gave me,” he says, before attempting to lift his leg and show off his sneakers.

Ryan and Pettit break into a fit of giggles before he suggests, “We gotta get back further.”

How can you not adore this grandpa?

It’s safe to say Liam Ryan is now everyone’s favorite Gramps. What a charmer!