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Hailey Bieber Has The Perfect Response To Pregnancy Rumors

‘Leave me alone,’ Bieber said.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber at the Grammy Awards this weekend — Hailey is now contending with pr...
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Looking long and willowy in a strapless, silky, floor-length white gown, Hailey Bieber wowed the crowd gathered at the red carpet for the 64th Grammy Awards in Las Vegas. But the fact that her dress wasn’t fitted at the waist was, apparently, all the ammunition some people needed to start in again with the pregnancy rumors.

After the Grammys, Radar Online posted a picture of Bieber and husband Justin Bierber, who was really hiding his frame in an oversize grey Balenciaga suit and a pair of platform crocs, and reported that fans were speculating that the couple might be expecting.

“Is a little #Belieber on the way?,” Radar wrote in the Instagram post. “The model was a vision on Sunday wearing a white #SaintLaurent gown while joined by her husband, #JustinBieber, for the star-studded ceremony, and some fans felt it was a carefully-crafted style choice.”

Bieber immediately shut down rumors with a succinct response in the comments: “I’m not pregnant leave me alone.”

There’s clearly a hunger for news of a Baby Bieber, so it’s no surprise that a site would capitalize on this in order to maximize page views. But no amount of rumor-mongering is going to bring truth to such speculations.

Some fans were quick to jump to Bieber’s defense with calls to respect her wishes and leave her alone.

“Literally NOBODY said she was pregnant besides y’all,” wrote a user named melonson00.

A user named leilah.kx commented, “Didn't they already say a hundred times especially Hailey that she is not ready yet? They said, they will try in 2023 and everybody is like ‘OmG iS sHe pReGnAnT?!?!’ Just leave them alone for once please💀.”

As recently as this February, Bieber told The Wall Street Journal in an interview, “Definitely no kids this year.”

“I’m still super, super young!” Bieber emphasized.

While it’s true that she’s only 25 years old, Bieber is clearly growing a thick skin and an aptitude for standing up for herself.