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55 Horror Movie Trivia Questions & Answers To Break Out On Scary Bingewatching Nights

Do you know Chuckie’s real name in Child’s Play?

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Pennywise (played by Bill Skarsgard) in 'It,' which has been a smash success at the box office.
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Horror movies aren’t for everyone, but it seems like everyone who loves horror movies also loves to go down the windiest of rabbit holes to learn about the movies they hold near and dear. Since it’s nearly a given that the horror fan in your house has spent countless hours on Wikipedia looking up theories, explanations, and behind-the-scenes details about their favorite horror movies, they’re, by all intents and purposes, a bonified horror movie expert at this point. Or at least they think they are. If you really want to test their chops, the following horror movie trivia questions — complete with answers, don’t worry — are a great start to a new game night in your house. (And one that doesn’t involve watching Midsommar for the umpteenth time.)

None of the following trivia questions are too obscure, but they do run the entire gamut of horror flicks, from the cult classics of the ‘80s to more recent films you can find on Netflix and other streaming sites. So, you might want to prepare a little bit before challenging the horror movie guru in your house. Good luck!

  1. What is Chuckie’s real name in Child’s Play? Charles Lee Ray
  2. In Zombieland, what amusement park are they trying to get to? Pacific Playland
  3. What’s Randy’s No. 1 rule in Scream? Don’t have sex.
  4. In what horror film does a guy on a motorcycle smash into an invisible artificial wall? Cabin in the Woods
  5. What’s the name of the clown from Stephen King’s It? Pennywise
  6. What color jumpsuits do the doppelgangers wear in Jordan Peele’s Us? Red
  7. Which young Hollywood star leads the 2022 Scream reboot? Jenna Ortega
  8. In the first Friday the 13th film, how many people does Jason kill? Zero
  9. In the Exorcist, what is the Demon’s name? Pazuzu
  10. In what movie did Annabelle make her first appearance? The Conjuring
  11. What horror movie stars Paris Hilton in a lead role? House of Wax
  12. How long do you have to live after watching the tape in The Ring? Seven days
  13. What kind of animal blood is Carrie drenched in at her prom? Pig’s blood
  14. Which classic horror movie modeled its serial killer’s mask on William Shatner’s face? Halloween
  15. What was the original title of The Blob? The Glob
  16. What horror movie is based on the seven deadly sins? Se7en
  17. What movie does the iconic line “Here’s Johnny!” come from? The Shining
  18. What’s Nancy’s address in Nightmare on Elm Street? 1428 Elm Street
  19. What is Casey Becker (Drew Barrymore) cooking at the beginning of Scream? Popcorn
  20. Which 2022 neo-Western science fiction horror film was written, directed, and co-produced by Jordan Peele? Nope
  21. Which 2008 horror movie reportedly had people leaving the theater because of motion sickness? Cloverfield
  22. Where is the 2005 film Wolf Creek set? Australia
  23. What serial killer inspired The Texas Chain Saw Massacre? Ed Gein
  24. Where does the virus spread to at the end of 28 Days Later? France
  25. What movie was The Quiet Place supposed to be a sequel to? Cloverfield
  26. Which low-budget ‘90s horror flick stars Jennifer Aniston at the peak of Friends fame? The Leprechaun
  27. How many people associated with The Exorcist died during production? 9
  28. How often does “the purge” take place? Once a year
  29. What’s the name of the town in Jennifer’s Body? Devil’s Kettle
  30. What’s the name of the lake that Jason Voorhees drowns in the Friday the 13th movies? Camp Crystal Lake
  31. Which horror movie was filmed in only 7 days? Paranormal Activity
  32. In what month do the three students go to the woods in The Blair Witch Project? October
  33. What city serves as the backdrop for the vampire movie The Lost Boys? Santa Clara
  34. What kind of house is terrorized by a serial killer in Black Christmas? Sorority
  35. In I Know What You Did Last Summer, whose body does Julie (Jennifer Love Hewitt) find in her trunk? Max
  36. Which horror film shows someone get strangled by a clothesline in the shower? Final Destination
  37. During what time period was the 2015 film The Witch set? The 1600s
  38. What is Leatherface’s favorite weapon? Chainsaw
  39. Which horror franchise repeats the quote, “Do you want to play a game?” Saw
  40. What song is played at the beginning of Halloween II? Mr. Sandman
  41. What does Cole (Haley Joel Osment) see in The Sixth Sense? Dead people
  42. Which horror movie’s catchphrase is “Do you like scary movies?” Scream
  43. What color is Freddy Krueger’s sweater? Red and green
  44. In which horror movie do American students get caught up in a Swedish cult? Midsommar
  45. In 2018’s Hereditary, what food does Charlie have a bad reaction to? Chocolate cake with walnuts
  46. What’s the highest-grossing horror movie of all time? It (2017)
  47. In Get Out, how does Chris keep from being hypnotized? Stuffing cotton in his ears
  48. Which horror movie was rumored to have originally been called The Babysitter Murders? Halloween
  49. Why can’t Michael Myers be killed? An ancient Druid curse
  50. In The Shining, which room is Danny advised to steer clear of? 237
  51. Which horror movie was almost titled Long Night at Camp Blood? Friday the 13th
  52. What film features an evil child named Damien? The Omen
  53. Who played the lead role in 2012’s Sinister? Ethan Hawke
  54. In 2022’s The Menu, what does Anya Taylor-Joy’s Margot ask the chef to make her? A cheeseburger and fries

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