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Jana Kramer Will Not Apologize For Going to Work Even Though Her Daughter Was Sick

The actress clapped back at criticism on social media, saying, “this is where mom guilt comes from.”

Actress Jana Kramer with daughter Jolie Rae Caussin. Kramer left Jolie with a sitter while sick so t...
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Working moms, how familiar is this scenario? “Got woken up at 5 a.m. with ‘my belly hurts’ and then vomit,” Kramer captioned an Instagram Story photo of her oldest daughter, Jolie.

Why do stomach bugs always hit at exactly the wrong time?

“I have to film today so shout out to @houseofbashery for taking care of my girl,” the One Tree Hill alum continued. “So thankful for her. Jolie and her bucket are on the way over.”

You have to take care of your kid, you have to work — you can’t win.

Luckily, Kramer managed to finagle a workable plan for the day. In a later Instagram Story post with a video of her daughter riding in a golf cart, she said, “They changed the scene order so I was able to get Jolie, I was able to hang out with her with a couple hours. So now I’m dropping her back off. We got your bowl … and Mommy will be back soon.”

In other words, the 38-year-old actress and singer did what working moms, single moms, all moms do. She moved things around, reassured her kid, and managed to get through the day. No small feat.

What Kramer definitely could have done without, besides the vomit, was the criticism of strangers, such as the mean-spirited writer of this Instagram DM, which Kramer later shared a screenshot of: “That poor child. LOOK AT HER. You DUMPING her off instead of being a caring mother and taking care of her. Call off work.”

The actress, who is also mom to son Jace, 3, with ex-husband Mike Caussin, was quick to share the uninvited opinion and clap back, stating unequivocally, “This is where mom guilt comes from.”

“It killed me to have to leave her today but I also couldn’t cancel filming because of a stomach bug. Really sad to see this from another mom when we are all just Doing our best,” Kramer wrote.

With our kids, other family members, and co-workers all counting on us, sometimes we have to make compromises. What we need is more support, not shaming.

In an earlier Instagram post, Kramer reflected on the pressures she faces. “Mom guilt is so real when I’m working but I pray they see in the end it’s all for them,” she wrote. This post included several pics and videos of Jolie and her ‘best friend’ making a balletic cameo in the Lifetime movie Kramer is currently filming.

Sounds like a creative way to integrate family and work life, and definitely one that her daughter will remember.