Jennifer Garner’s Embarrassing ‘Mom Fail’ Is So Relatable

The actress accidentally hit "reply all" on an email to her kid's coach -- and a fellow celebrity was on the chain.

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Jennifer Garner knows what’s it’s like to be the talk of the town. Recently, however, she was accidentally the star of some school gossip.

The actress stopped by The Late Late Show with James Corden to promote her new movie The Adam Project on Tuesday and opened up about an embarrassing “mom fail” she had while emailing her kid’s coach.

Fortuitously, fellow Late Late Show guest Greg Kinnear knew all about it.

"So, we have kids who do the same activity and I emailed the coach one weekend, kind of being funny about my kid and saying, ‘Well, this one seems to be getting a little womped this weekend. So, what does that mean for tomorrow morning because we have something planned? What does that mean typically?'" Garner explained. "And I was being funny, I thought I was being funny."

Well, funny enough, it wasn’t just the coach who received the message.

“It turns out was the one time in my life I replied all,” Garner admitted. “I replied to everyone on the team, every parent, including [Greg] and [his wife] Helen.”

Jennifer Garner and Greg Kinnear on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Their kids have talked about the incident, with Kinnear joking that when he read the email he thought, “‘Jennifer Garner is a raging lunatic,’” before adding that there was absolutely no judgement on his part.

“I’ve done this before myself and hit the ‘all reply,’” Kinnear continued, “[but] maybe not as bad as this.”

The father of three daughters said that it feels like you’re “peeking into someone’s windows” when you receive a message you’re not supposed to be the recipient of.

Garner — who shares daughters Violet, 16, and Seraphina, 13, and son, Samuel, 10 with ex-husband Ben Affleck — asked once more if she came off as “cute and funny and I’m super chill,” with Kinnear replying, “No, no, no.”

Corden recommended that the next time Garner hits reply all, she should just double down and send another email admitting to her mistake: “Just put, ‘Yeah, I replied all. F**k you.’”

Garner laughed with Kinnear adding, “Good idea.”

At least Garner can have a good chuckle about it now. We’ve all been there!