Julia Stiles Shares Her 4-Year-Old's Relatable Feelings On Being A Big Brother

by Valerie Williams
Julia Stiles at a red carpet in a sheer black blouse with white polka dots
Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Julia Stiles’ 4-year-old son made his feelings on being a new big brother KNOWN in a hilarious Instagram post

Actress Julia Stiles just announced the birth of her second child with husband Preston Cook, a boy named Arlo, in what appears to be an absolutely precious Instagram post. But, as the star says, scroll on to see how their older kiddo, son Strummer, is taking the arrival of their new family member.

“Welcome to the world, Baby Arlo!” she writes. “The newest addition to our family, reminding me how infinite love can be.” And then, “Scroll Forward to see how my 4 year old is taking it…”

LOL. Welp. That’s one way to welcome your new sibling into the world. Looks like little Strummer has some Big Feelings about becoming a brother and he’s expressing them as only a four-year-old can — with markers.

No word yet on whether his emotion-filled artwork was done with washable ink; regardless, the message he’s trying to get across is the big takeaway here. It’s tough to go from being the sole receiver of your parents’ attention to sharing the spotlight with an adorable squalling potato that your mom seems to spend an awful lot of time with — time that used to be all yours.

It’s a tale as old as time for an older kiddo to not want to deal with sharing everything in life, including parental quality time and all of their toys.

Hopefully, as the new family of four settles into a routine, Strummer will use those markers to make cool pictures for his baby brother instead of using the toilet as his own personal art medium.