Meghan Markle Absolutely Nails Ellen's Hidden Camera Prank

by Julie Scagell
A two-part collage of Meghan Markle who managed to hold it together during Ellen's hidden camera pra...

Meghan Markle somehow managed to hold it together during the prank

If you’ve ever seen Ellen DeGeneres’ hidden camera prank on her TV show, you know it’s equal parts hilarious and cringeworthy (in a good way). She places hidden cameras in certain locations and, through an earpiece, tells celebs what they have to do or say. This week, Meghan Markle surprised guests by doing an interview with Ellen, but as a condition of her appearance, she had to be a part of her favorite Ellen segment, and we are all better for it.

The Duchess of Sussex’s hidden-camera prank involved her visiting street vendors selling items on the Warner Bros. studio lot, where she was asked by Ellen to touch, feel, and really, um, experience the products. and not once did she hesitate to execute the absurd actions Ellen requested through a concealed earpiece. She was accompanied by one of the show’s writer’s that Ellen hilariously renamed Pwamma, who made sure the vendors knew Markle was coming, but told them to treat her just like any other customer.

“Doing this hidden camera piece with Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex, was one of my favorite things in 19 seasons,” DeGeneres wrote, sharing the hilarious video on TikTok.

The mom-of-two approached the first vendor and said (somehow with a completely straight face), “I have healing powers. Can you feel my powers?,” before chanting various words Ellen requested through the hidden earpiece while at the same time holding a giant crystal on her forehead. You know, just like any customer would do.

Next up was a food vendor and that’s when she really took it up a notch. She ate hot-sauce-covered chips (because her “boo” likes hot sauce), and a cookie “but like a chipmunk,” and then casually drank milk from a baby bottle like it was no big deal. She did all of this while continuously calling herself “mommy” at random times and repeating random words on Ellen’s whim.

Our favorite part may have been when Ellen left poor Meghan hanging after asking another vendor a joke, “Why did the elephant put his trunk in the cookie jar?” When the vendor asked, “Why?” Markle just stared at her in a stand-off of silence that will have you laughing and crying at the same time.

Markle finished off the prank by putting on cat ears for no reason and singing, “I’m a kitten. Meow, meow, meow,” which will now randomly pop into your head for no reason every time you see a cat.

Markle sat down for an interview with DeGeneres, talking about the early days of dating Harry, her time as an actress, son Archie’s Halloween costume, and her plans for the upcoming holidays.

After Markle’s heartbreaking interview with Oprah earlier this year and the stress of all the tabloids and drama, it’s so nice to see her looking relaxed, happy, and in her element. If she needs one more thing on her plate besides being a mom of two young kids, a podcast, and various TV deals, she could definitely rock a career in comedy.