'Jimmy Kimmel' Segment Proves Men Know Nothing About Female Anatomy 

by Madison Vanderberg
A large tattooed man shows what he knows about the female body on the street in the Jimmy Kimmel Liv...

Men fail badly during impromptu female anatomy lesson on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Listen, the female anatomy is complex. You kind of learn by doing, so to speak. But you would think that most humans have a general idea of like, how many uteruses a person has. Well, according to Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s latest man-on-the-street stunt, most men think all women have two uteruses, and if you ask one dude, we have six ovaries. My dudes **shakes head**.

The interviewer for Jimmy Kimmel Live pulled men off the street to ask pretty basic female anatomy questions like, “how many fallopian tubes does a woman have?” and “what part of the body does the mammogram examine?”

From four ovaries to six, nobody got the ovaries question right. “One fallopian tubes,” was a common response to a term that is, by its very nature, a plural word.

The dude who answered the mammogram section claimed that the mammogram “examines” the area between the belly button and the crotch or as he called it “the lower half” and then pointed it out on his own body.

ABC / YouTube

There was also the dude who looked at a picture of a NuvaRing and confidently referred to is as a “pap smear.”

The worst was the dude who stood next to his wife as he struggled to point to the “part of the body where the baby goes” on a diagram and then absolutely butchered the pronunciation of “obstetrician.” As his wife stood by his side dying inside, the interviewer asks her, “What do you do for a living?” to which she responds, “I’m an OBGYN.” Cue the face palm to end all face palms.

ABC / YouTube

“I’m apparently not a good educator at home,” she said.

We are apparently not a good educator as a species.