Little Girl's 'Wakanda Forever' Moment At Disneyland Goes Viral

by Madison Vanderberg
A screenshot of a little girl's Wakanda Forever moment at Disney video

A little girl stole the show at Disneyland when she made a cameo in the “Warriors of Wakanda” show for her adorable “Wakanda Forever” battle cry.

Over at Disney California Adventure at Disneyland in Southern California, The Dora Milaje — an elite group of female warriors in Wakanda from the film Black Panther — prowl the land of Avengers Campus, putting on awesome performances of their athletic talent. However, on one random day, a little girl in the audience of their regularly scheduled experience stepped forward and stole the show with her absolute adorableness.

The Dora Milaje open the show with a call to the audience for a “courageous warrior.”


They find a little girl named Egypt, who steps forward. The warriors ask her where she’s from, to which she responds, “I am from America.” Adorable. Then, the Dora Milaje introduces her to the crowd as “Warrior Egypt from the American tribe.”

They ask her, “are you strong?” to which she nods and says, “Yes, I am.” “And confident too?” they ask as Egypt gives a big nod and a “Yes!”

Then, with the kicker, they ask, “What makes you strong, young one?” and she says…wait for it…”My love for others!”

The whole crowd melts. We all have chills. Finally, the warriors address her with a “Wakanda Forever” pose and without missing a beat, she crosses her arms across her chest and squeaks out a perfect little “Wakanda Forever!” How the performers didn’t cry after all this, like…?

Egypt’s father captured the video from another angle, writing “My babigurl is a Dora Milaje!”

In her dad’s video, Egypt scoots back to her dad after her interaction with the park performances as her dad tells her that she “did a good job.” Then she bops around with joy, watching the rest of the performance.

Also, while we’re here, the Dora Milaje’s whole performance in the park is pretty cool. This show alone is worth the price of admission, promise.


Stay courageous Egypt, we love it!