Your Perfect Hot-Mom-Summer Love Interest, According To Your Zodiac Sign

by Una LaMarche
The Divorce Issue

It was just a few years ago when the extremely meme-able phrase ‘Hot Girl Summer’ dropped into the zeitgeist, inviting folks everywhere to shed their insecurities alongside their winter knits and lean into a sun-soaked season of living their best lives. And with the much-anticipated release of The Idea of You, the new sizzling rom com on Prime Video, 2024 is about to play host to a new kind of Hot Girl Summer — introducing: Hot Mom Summer.

That’s right, mama! Fish your good bra out of the laundry and check your horoscope, because we’re kicking off the season of you. Whether you’re a single mom on the apps or a partnered parent who occasionally day dreams about a meet-cute with a pillow-lipped paramour (no judgment), The Idea of You will have you living vicariously through Solène (Anne Hathaway), a 40-year-old single mom who falls hard for Hayes, the lead singer of the biggest boy band on the planet (Nicholas Galitzine).

And what better way to celebrate the film’s release than by finding out exactly what brand of summer fling is written in your stars? Locate your sign below to discover your perfect Hot Mom Summer romance, and stream The Idea Of You on Prime Video May 2.