Eric Stonestreet Announces Engagement To His Girlfriend In Adorable Post

by Christina Marfice
Eric Stonestreet/Instagram

Eric Stonestreet took to Instagram to announce his engagement in his usual comedic style

Eric Stonestreet has been busy since the end of Modern Family! The Secret Life of Pets act0r may not be appearing on our TV screens on a weekly basis anymore, but that’s because he’s working on a major life update: He just got engaged!

Stonestreet just announced that he an his longtime girlfriend, Lindsay Schweitzer, are planning to tie the knot. The two have been dating since shortly after they met at a charity event in 2016.

Stonestreet took to an Instagram post to make the announcement, in his usual style: With a joke.

“She said, ‘She’d have her people call my people,'” Stonestreet joked in the caption, alongside a carousel of photos of himself and Schweitzer after their engagement. In the photos, he makes a number of faces, while Schweitzer continues to beam a huge smile next to him. She also shows off the rock, which is definitely impressive. Her husband-to-be clearly has a good eye for diamonds.

According to People magazine, the pair met in 2016 at the the Big Slick charity weekend in Kansas City. It was first reported that they were dating in 2017. Schweitzer, who works as a pediatric nurse, even started accompanying Stonestreet to things like talk show appearances, where he gushed about their relationship. Take his 2017 appearance on The Ellen Show, for example.

“Your girlfriend is lovely — I met her backstage,” host Ellen DeGeneres said at the time. “She’s a nurse. That’s a good thing for you, because you’re a hypochondriac.”

Stonestreet replied, “I’m a big baby, too. She calms me — she calms my nerves. I’m a very high-strung person. You can tell, right?”

He then jokingly shouted at a person in the audience, “What are you looking at, ma’am?! My nurse girlfriend will take care of you.”

Stonestreet and Schweitzer have been happy and in love for years, according to friends. One anonymous insider told People, “They are very happy to have met each other. They’re enjoying spending time together.”

Stonestreet’s famous friends were quick to flock to the comments of his post to offer their congratulations. Celebs like Zachary Levi, Hillary Scott, Michael Bublé, Vernon Davis, Will Sasso, and Bethenny Frankel all appeared in the comments, with plenty of well-wishes for the happy couple.

There’s no news yet on when Stonestreet and Schweitzer might actually tie the knot, but for now, congratulations to the happy couple!