You Can Finally Order A Lego Minifigure That Looks Like You

by Ashley Austrew

This Etsy shop will print the custom LEGO minifigure head you’ve always wanted.

Do you ever feel like those little yellow LEGO Minifigures don’t adequately represent you? Well, thanks to 3D printers, you don’t have to suffer in silence any longer. A new Etsy shop will print out a 3D replica of your head to stick on a LEGO body so you can live out your Minifigure dreams.

The shop is called Funky3DFaces, and for just $30, owner Chris Lightfoot will print a customized 3D head for your LEGO figures, based on images you provide yourself. To print your head, Lightfoot requires two photos: one of your face and one profile shot. The shots are uploaded electronically and used to create a full-color 3D image that is then printed into the most amazing and slightly creepy 15 millimeter LEGO piece ever.

Image via Etsy

The heads are printed in sandstone material, which means is super durable and lends itself to colorful, high quality pieces. Plus, they’re fairly cheap, so you could 3D print your entire family. Or, just mail a couple heads anonymously to two of your best mom friends as a terrifying practical joke. You can even commission a reasonably priced custom cake topper for a wedding reception:

The heads take up to four weeks to manufacture, and you get your choice of hair color and hairstyle. The Minifigure bodies aren’t included with your purchase, but each head has a perfectly sized hole at the base of the neck so you can attach it to the body pieces you already have in your collection — or, your kid’s collection. Whatever.

The coolest thing about LEGO bricks are that they’re fun for all ages. Kids love playing with them, but there are also adult collectors and people like me, who buy their kids intricate sets just because it’s fun to spend hours helping them put it together. It was even reported last week that LEGO are a better investment than actual gold — seriously, the return rate is higher — so they appeal to the adult crowd in a number of ways. These 3D heads are just one more fun thing to add to the list of reasons why everyone loves them.

There are places online where you can customize the faces of traditional Minifigures, but these 3D models are way more life-like and would make a great and hilarious gift. They also give the blocks a truly personal touch that most little kids would enjoy. It just goes to show that there are always new and exciting ways to expand on the traditional toys we know and love.

H/T Distractify