Exchange Between Future College Roommates Goes Viral, Because Wow

by Maria Guido
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Show your college student this email from the roommate from hell and make them feel better about their dorm situation

Remember the first year of college? One of the most stressful things you dealt with was wondering/hoping/praying you were going to get along with your dorm mate. If your child is currently experiencing the same stress, or going through a not-ideal roommate situation, maybe show her this little exchange. It may make her feel better about her own situation.

Seventeen-year-old Winnie Chen got an indication that her future UCLA roommate may be a little tough last week, when she received an email outlining all of her future room-buddy’s expectations. It was a doozy. She posted it to Twitter where it immediately went viral, because good lord. This girl is too much.

“Okay so I’m not sure why neither of you responded back to my emails, but I don’t really care just as long as you both know this and understand that I’m not gonna settle for anything less than what I’m gonna tell you that I’m gonna get once I arrive in the dorm,” the email begins. This girl really knows how to talk to people! She should pen her own self-help book: How To Piss Everyone Off And Make Them Hate You, Before You Even Meet.

She then goes on to list all the specifics of what she is willing to accept.

“I’ll take the top bunk of the bunk bed that has a bottom and top bunk. I DO NOT want the single bunk where it has a desk underneath the top bunk so don’t try to leave me with that.”

“I’m also taking one of the white closets. There should be two white closets and I’m taking one of them. I don’t care for which one it is, just know I’m taking one of them.”

“I want the desk that’s near the window. Plain and simple. I don’t care about who gets the bottom bunk but just know what I stated above is what I’m expecting once I arrive at the dorm and I won’t be in the mood for any arguing or other nonsense because one of you two decided to deliberately disregard this email. If needed be I’ll turn it into a bigger situation so don’t try me.”

“Sorry but not that sorry for the attitude. I don’t like being ignored because that’s just rude but that’s what you both decided to do so I decided to make it clear now on the kind of person I am and what I will and will not take.”

“So as a final reminder: I am getting the top bunk of the bunk bed with the bed on the bottom. I am getting one of the white closest, and I’m getting the desk near the window. that’s fair enough to ask for considering that I’m giving up fighting for the bottom bunk.”

Chen has tried to switch room assignments, to no avail. She and her third roommate also tried reasoning with her, but nope.

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Reason and logic don’t work when the person you’re reasoning with lives in their own universe.

“I’m also really chill, but as you can see from my previous email I am like a ticking time bomb that sets off when certain things I don’t like happen to me.” Well that’s a comforting statement in a roommate.

Poor girls. Good luck. May be good practice for the real world, where you meet an asshole basically every day. Our thoughts are with you both, and thanks for providing some perspective for all of our college freshman who are bitching that their roommate naps too much.

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