Soon-To-Be-Dads, Take A Note From This Dude: Your Pregnant Wife Is The Sh*t

by Mike Julianelle
Image via Facebook

Soon-to-be dad hails the awesomeness of his pregnant wife in viral post

Look, I’m not gonna sit here and pretend pregnancy isn’t insane, and that women aren’t amazing for enduring it. I can’t.

My wife just had our second kid, and it was a grueling nine months, full of nausea and sciatica and fatigue and aches and pains. Through it all I did whatever I could to let her know how much I appreciated and was aware of what she was going through, and helped any way I could. I gave my wife massages, let her sleep in, ran out for pickles and ice cream and even took a few weeks off from drinking (in front of her) out of solidarity! I like to think I’m a decent husband, and a decent father, and an enlightened and evolved 21st century man.

But, based on his viral Facebook post, I’ve got nothing on Josh Streeter, World’s Most Sensitive Husband!

Josh, a soon-to-be dad, posted to Facebook recently praising the future mother of his child for roughing her way through pregnancy. I mean, he is INTO it.

Image via Facebook

“Every second is worth it, it has literally taken my fiancé and took over her body and with all the stress, aching and using the bathroom and sickness throughout the entire day, they hurt, they get so emotional and fatigue and they can’t explain why, but that’s where you come in, make her feel that it’s okay to cry, get upset, mad and laugh out of no where and make her feel like she is a damn queen.”


“Wow this pregnancy shit is intense! I thought it just would be morning sickness and weird cravings, now she wants me to apply Icy Hot to her shoulders and listen to her have a nervous breakdown about what kind of mother she’ll be! And why did I tell her I wouldn’t drink for the whole nine months? She’s carrying a baby but I’m dealing with a walking hormone!”

Before we continue, quick question: who is taking this photo? “Hey neighbor! You mind swinging by and taking a quick snap of my wife tossing her lunch?”

More power to Josh. As absurd as it seems, there are plenty of women with deadbeat partners, guys who somehow refuse to pull their weight in a relationship, throughout a pregnancy, as a husband and a father. He seems interested. And it’s not easy. Especially as a guy.

Which isn’t to say that men have it harder than women. When it comes to pregnancy, men have it so much easier than women that men might as well not have it, which makes sense, because men don’t have it. We don’t get pregnant. We don’t go through labor. Pregnancy is a different experience for men. We don’t experience it the same way, and without feeling the physical effects that women do, the eventual birth of our child can be something of a shock. We don’t have the benefit of a nine-month exit ramp; we fall off a cliff.

Which makes it all the more important for us to be involved as possible in the process. Go to the ultrasound appointments. Pick up the prenatal vitamins. Hold back her hair when she pukes (but maybe don’t art direct the eventual photo.) Involvement is the only way to gain an understanding, and an appreciation, for what mothers go through.

Like the World’s Most Sensitive Husband said, “I have a different view on pregnancy now that I’m experiencing it for myself. The best education a man could be given.”