Teen Returns Lost Wallet, Owner's Reaction Proves Karma Is Real

by Cassandra Stone
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It’s nice to be reminded that good, kind people like this guy still exist

Realizing you’ve misplaced or lost your wallet is hands-down one of the most panic-inducing feelings one can feel. Your mind starts to race as you think of all of the essential and valuable items in your wallet – cash,debit and credit cards, appointment reminders.

You get a sick feeling in your stomach when you wonder whose hands all of these items may have fallen into and the slim likelihood you’ll get them back. One girl knows this feeling all too well, when she realized she left her wallet on the bus.

“Yesterday Baby Gurl calls dad crying – she left her wallet on the bus,” Stephanie Robertson-King recently shared on her Facebook page.

“We’re all upset and she naively asks if she’ll get it back. Not wanting to crush her spirit anymore-I admitted it was highly unlikely.”

And it is, really. You’re better off going through the painstaking process of canceling every card you have and kissing goodbye any cash you had in your possession. Sure, there are good Samaritans out there. But the odds of a lost wallet being found and returned in tact are slim at best.

Robertson-King said later on, a young man knocked on her door looking for her daughter. He told her he found the wallet on the bus, and wanted to return it because it happened to him recently and he “knows how it feels.” She said everything was in it, including the money.

“Dad took money out of his pocket and gave him what he had.

“I couldn’t let him go, we talked, he touched my heart some more so I reached into her wallet and gave him the $20 that was sitting there.”

Can’t blame her there – that’s a kindhearted act worthy of a little reward extra reward money. I lost my wallet while Christmas shopping once, and was so relieved when I realized someone had found it and returned it to the customer service desk. I would have given that person all of my remaining cash and 20% off Kohl’s coupons if I had known who it was.

Robertson-King says she sat down and had a conversation with the young man, getting to know more about him and welcoming him as an “honorary member of our fam!”

It’s always nice to be reminded that good, kind, honest people like this man still exist and are willing to go the extra mile for people they’ve never met.

“This gesture has doused my cynicism and restored my faith,” Robertson-King wrote.

Ours too.

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