This Wildly Viral Post Nails What 'Romance' Really Is

by Sarah Hosseini
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Image via Facebook/Brittney Johnson

The internet is swooning over this man picking out nail polish

When you love someone, you typically try to do things for the other person to show them you care. There are the usual things: flowers, candy, and teddy bears. But some of those lucky among us will find someone that offers their time and interest as gifts instead. We may even get a lover that picks out nail polish with as much passion and precision as this man.

Behold, Husband of the Year. Brittney Johnson was shopping at the Sally’s Beauty Supply in Columbia, Missouri when she saw a man trying to pick out the perfect nail polish color for his wife. She snapped a photo of him and posted it on Facebook. She starts, “I’m sorry, sir, whoever you are.. for posting a pic of your back side for the world to see.. BUT I couldn’t help it.”

“This man was on the phone with his wife, looking so hard for the EXACT olive colored nail polish that she wanted,” she writes. Johnson says she could hear him saying, “‘I got this, I got this, I’ll be home in a bit.'”

“Then he took a picture and sent it to her and she called to help him. He says ‘Ok, so I sent you the pic. Is that the right one? You wanna know the colors close to it? You just want all three colors?'”

OK, swoon. Seriously, could there be anything more precious? Ladies, pick a partner that cares about your nail polish as much as this guy.

“THIS IS ALL IT TAKES,” Johnson writes. “Effort. Showing someone that whatever is special to them means something to you because they want it, or need it, or just really like it.”

She says love is about putting yourself outside of your comfort zone. Whether it’s at the make-up store, the book store, the handbag department, or the damn tampon aisle. Just do it.

“Letting yourself feel foolish sometimes for the sake of making your girl (or man) happy,” Johnson writes.

“It’s still so cool to me.. the idea of romance.. not being flowers and cards and candy.. but being time, and proof that you’ve actually listened, and support of the things that set that persons soul on fire,” she writes. “Marrying your best friend, being all for ONE person, that’s still pretty cool.”

It was a moment that left her speechless, but also caused her to pause and consider the state of romantic love these days.

“Our generation is so full of gimme-selfish people and mediocre love,” Johnson tells Scary Mommy. “It was refreshing to hear a man who genuinely just wanted to make his wife happy. Sometimes we forget that the little things are big things and I just thought that if a man was doing for me exactly what he was doing, it would mean so much more to me than he thought.”

The beautiful post was shared on the Love What Matters Facebook page and the comments will make you fall in love all over again; with your partner, with the world, or just the idea that love like this exists at all.

And for those of us who haven’t found love yet – we want to know where to find partners who do this without a second thought!

This is a lesson in love right here folks, whether you’re looking for love or already hitched – these are #relationshipgoals. Make it your mission to find and keep someone like this.

Because her post read part feel-good-news-story and part advice column, I had to ask Johnson if she had any advice about romance and love. She admits she’s no love expert, but says, “True love is shameless. Always be your honest self. Remember that love is not about you. It’s about the other person. It’s about how you choose to love every part of that other person and show it every chance that you get. And when you find someone who believes the same, how beautiful will that be?!”

At the end of her viral Facebook post, she concludes with probably the smartest love tip of all.

“Don’t settle for less than that y’all. Somebody, somewhere, will love you enough to go shopping alone for your favorite nail polish.”

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