What This Dad Did To Get Macaroni Out Of His Son's Nose Is Peak Parenting

by Julie Scagell
Image via Facebook/Katie Dorman Aultman

Kids get stuff stuck up their nose — it happens

If you have a kid you know how completely disgusting they can be. Not because they try to be — fine, perhaps sometimes they do, in fact, try to be gross. But also because they simply cannot help themselves. Kids will get into anything and everything. And if left to their own devices they will almost always stick something in themselves.

Look, they’re kids. Kids are curious. So if there’s a random piece of food left on the table and said food fits into an orifice, a kid’s gonna stick it there. Mom Katie Aultman realized her son may have stuck some such item — a piece of macaroni — into his nose and, like a boss, made her husband retrieve it.

Then she posted it on Facebook. As you should.

“So…Jayce stuck macaroni in his nose,” she wrote. “Therefore, I had to tell Josh Aultman how to extract it…best vid ever. Hahahahahaha…”

Yes, her husband was the (un)likely recipient of a wet, snotty, half-digested pasta noodle that was stuck in his son’s nose now in his mouth. Because that’s what dads do — they rescue stray carbohydrates.

What’s even better is that parents everywhere chimed in with similar stories of their own. Because they are parents and they have been there. Or they just wanted to laugh at the Aultman’s expense. Either way, it was funny:

If you are a parent, odds are you have an equally disgusting story. There is so much random poop, snot, and bodily fluids you encounter, it’s no wonder you end up feeling like a human Kleenex tissue. Blowing your kid’s nose with your mouth seems like a perfectly normal reaction to getting food stuck up there.

I remember being at our local butcher and my son, who was 18 months old at the time, sneezed and when I looked at him, he had a giant snot bubble running down his face, threatening to run into his mouth. I was holding him, a giant top sirloin, and there was no tissue in sight at the time. So, I did what any parent would do and grabbed the snot with my bare hand while the butcher lunged towards me like Bruce Willis yelling, “Noooooooo.”

This from a man with his hand up the business end of a cow most days.

You do what you’ve gotta do. That’s called being a parent. Good job, dad. Judging by your son’s giggles, it’s probably safe to say you’re doing a pretty good job.