Oregon Finally Has To Pump Their Own Gas And They’re Kinda Freaking Out About It

by Cassandra Stone
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Who knew pumping gas was such a hot-button issue?

You learn something new everyday, right? Well for anyone not living in Oregon, here’s a fun fact: Oregonians don’t pump their own gas. That’s right, the entire state of Oregon is full-service gas stations. Even if you personally were aware of this fact, there are plenty of people out there who were not at all aware (*sheepishly raises her Pennsylvanian hand*).

And these people just had a field day in the Facebook comments section of an Oregonian news station.

The big hot-button issue in Oregon right now is House Bill 2482, signed into law last year by the governor of Oregon, which permits motorists to pump their own gas in several rural counties.

Poor KTVL CBS 10 in Medford, bless their hearts. They probably had no idea when posting their Very Local News Station social media poll about the new law that people from all over the country would flock to add their commentary. But it’s just so damn funny.

So far, the post has been shared thousands of times and garnered nearly as many comments. Some from the outraged residents of Oregon who can’t fathom a world where they pump their own gas.

You tell ’em, Pamela! Now obviously the 48 other states where self-service gas stations are de riguer (New Jersey is also full-service) were full of people who couldn’t resist poking a little light-hearted fun at all the Oregonians aghast at the thought of stepping outside their vehicle to fuel up.

Kevin must be a dad because this is Every Dad Joke Ever. Love it.

Who knew gas station marauders were something to fear? I kid, I kid. I remember one or two full-service gas stations when I was a kid in the late ’80s riding around with my grandma. Because she knew them and had patronized their station for decades, my grandma even used to pay the attendants with a check. A CHECK.

All fun and games aside, though — people who are concerned about those with special needs should know that the Americans with Disabilities Act explicitly states that gas stations must offer aid.

Service attendants who are worried about employment need not be, according to KTVL. The news station interviewed several station managers throughout the counties affected, and they have no plans to change from the full-service their customers expect.

Judging from the comments above, this is probably very welcome news to the people of Oregon.

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