Farrah Abraham Slammed For Posting Pics Of Her 7-Year-Old In A Bikini

by Ashley Austrew
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Image via Frazer Harrison/Getty

Farrah Abraham is under fire for sharing bikini photos of her daughter, Sophia

Farrah Abraham is best known for her stint on MTV’s Teen Mom, but it’s a controversial photo shoot with her seven-year-old that has her making headlines this week. Abraham’s followers have pulled out their pitchforks over some bikini photos they say make her daughter look way too grown up.

Abraham, who told People her daughter, Sophia, is an aspiring model, recently shared some photos of the seven-year-old from a professional poolside photo shoot. In the pictures, the girl has her hair and make-up done, and she’s posing in a frilly pink and blue bikini.

She looks like any other little kid in a beauty pageant or an Old Navy swimsuit ad, but apparently that’s not how Abraham’s fans see it. Sophia’s photos are littered with hundreds of comments from people taking her mom to task for “sexualizing” her and exposing the little girl to pedophiles online:

“How stupid are you to do this to your underage daughter? Do you know how many friggin’ pervs there are out there? As long as you make money off her I’m sure you don’t care, though.”
“This’ll be good for the pedophiles. No hate for this little girl but the mother is so dumb. Having her daughter wear make-up she looks older than she already is and that’s bad considering she is 7.”
“Completely and utterly inappropriate! Are you insane? Are you really this bad of a mother or are you that clueless? This poor child…. You are ruining her and parading her around as a sexual object!”
“If you don’t see this picture as sexual then please tell me what is. This is like soft core child porn. A pedo would use this image to send around for his buddies to add to the spank bank collection of prostitots. This is just wrong.”
“Oh my god, how the fuck are you allowed to have custody of this poor thing?? I genuinely hope she’s is taken from you and put in a family that has their shit together.”

Yes, let’s remove a child from her home because her mom shared a photo of her in make-up and a bathing suit. I hope you caught the sarcasm there, because that suggestion is absolutely absurd.

As the mom of a young girl, I understand why people feel uncomfortable seeing little kids in make-up or posing in a way that looks kind of mature for their age. I felt a little strange just putting lip gloss on my daughter for her dance recital a few weeks ago. That said, our personal preferences for what our kids wear don’t give us the right to criticize other parents, and they certainly don’t make it okay to basically victim blame a little kid and her mom for the way hypothetical internet predators might react to her photos.

Sophia might be wearing mascara, but at the end of the day, she’s just a little kid in a bathing suit. She’s not being purposely provocative or sexual, and if twisted people look at her photos and see anything more than a seven-year-old in a bathing suit, they’re the ones with a problem.

After the initial backlash, Abraham posted a second photo from the shoot, which she captioned, “God gave me an extraordinary young lady @sophialabraham. I’m so blessed – excited to see all the great things flourish in Sophia’s life journey.”

Abraham is obviously a proud mom and is trying to do whatever she can to help her daughter pursue her dream of becoming a model. Some might disagree with her methods, but that doesn’t mean she and her child should have to put up with this kind of hurtful and hateful backlash.

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