Father And Son's Adorable Wrestling Match Goes Viral

by Maria Guido
Originally Published: 

The difference between moms and dads… in a nutshell.

Look, I’m sure there are plenty of moms who wrestle around with their kids, too. But while I was watching this video this morning, I had heart palpitations when I saw the kid climb on the headboard. I’m not gonna lie. I’m that mom.

My husband lifts our son to the ceiling so he can walk on it upside down “like Spiderman.” He throws my toddler daughter way higher in the air than I am comfortable with when they’re playing around. And everyone loves every minute of it — even me.

Part One, from last year, may be even more adorable.

These videos are a good reminder to get a little goofy with your kids today. I may be a nervous mom, but I’m not too nervous to appreciate how awesome this is.

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