People Share #FatSideStories To Highlight All The Crap They Put Up With

by Jerriann Sullivan
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#FatSideStories reminds us body-shaming is everywhere

Using the phrase #FatSideStories, men and women have been sharing the things that only people who carry more weight than others endure. Thanks predominantly to the actions of others, there is a bunch of shit people who others deem “overweight” are constantly up against.

People who consider themselves fat or overweight, or who society has labeled as such, wrote about some of their most private moments online. Their experiences further highlight how body shaming is hurtful and completely unnecessary.

Not cool, clothing companies.

True story – I’ve had at least one boss that only hired people who had been athletes in high school or college. I was told they had more drive as if there’s no other way to prove dedication and hard work than through sports. Those A’s didn’t earn themselves.

Good manners have nothing to do with someone’s size. Being nice to people because of how they look makes you an asshole.

Can we all agree that the second sentence must be eliminated from our conversations?

And don’t ever think that you can be beautiful, pretty, or cute and also fat.

Did everyone’s moms not teach them that our differences – the fact that we aren’t all the same – is what makes us beautiful? That’s okay if the message didn’t make it through, we’re all adults now. It’s time we treat each other with some respect and not do horrific shit like this:

These acts of cruelty aren’t just heartbreaking to read. Some of the stories show dangerous situations can occur was someone is constantly bombarded with messages about how they’re not good enough.

Sexual harassment is never okay.

No one should ever feel trapped in a terrible situation.

Or feel pushed to harm themselves.

These were hard to read and that’s nothing compared to living through these experiences. These brave folks shared the nightmares they’ve endured to remind us all to cut the shit. It’s up to us to listen and, more importantly, treat one another better.

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