Dr. Fauci Demonstrates How He Comfortably Wears A Mask While Jogging

by Christina Marfice
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Dr. Anthony Fauci
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If wearing a mask while jogging or working out is uncomfortable, let Dr. Fauci show you how to do it the right way

We are officially in the swampy days of summer, and we all know that wearing a mask when it’s roughly one billion degrees or one billion percent humidity is not what anyone had in mind when they thought of Hot Girl Summer. We all know we need to keep wearing masks in public. It’s the best way to slow the spread of the coronavirus. But on a sunny August day, there are certainly more comfortable things. And when going for a run or otherwise working up a sweat? It makes it even harder to mask comfortably. So, as usual, Dr. Fauci is here to save the day.

During an interview with Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo, Fauci touched on a lot of different subjects we all want to know about the coronavirus in the summer. But some of the most useful advice he gave during the 10-minute interview was the part where he demonstrated how he safely and comfortably wears a mask during his nightly jogs with his wife.

“When I see people out on a beach, running with nobody around them, good for you!” Fauci said. “Do it! You don’t need to be locked down outside. If you think you’re going to get close to people, you know, flip a mask on.”

Fauci said that every evening, he and his wife go for a jog together, usually logging at least 4 miles. And when they do, he said, he doesn’t wear his mask the entire time — but he does keep it secured on his ears and tucked under his chin at all times, so that whenever he sees another person, we can quickly pull it up to cover his mouth and nose.


“If I see, 50 yards ahead, someone coming, I go like that,” Fauci said, as he pulled the mask into place. It really is that easy, and for those of us who have been sweating inside our masks every time we leave the house, knowing that our nation’s leading infectious disease expert says we can get a little relief is more than welcome.

Fauci has previously sympathized with how all of us feel about masking up during certain activities.

“When you breathe in, it feels like you’re waterboarding yourself,” he said in a June interview, before showing again how he flips his mask up and down as needed.

“I think that’s reasonable,” he said. “You don’t have to have it on if there’s nobody around.”

Watch Dr. Fauci’s full interview below.

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