Why Are Dressed-Up Kids So Cute? IDK, But We Want All Of These

by Team Scary Mommy
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Easter is a fun time for parents to dress their kids up in bright colors, take 200 million pictures, and then cringe while they crawl around in the dirt looking for eggs. Yay! So, if you’re in that camp—you want to doll up your little humans in bowties and tulle, but you don’t want to light a hundred bucks on fire—check out this list of adorbs Easter outfits that are budget-friendly.

1. Gentleman bowtie shirt and suspenders set

Image credit: Walmart

Is there anything cuter than toddlers in suspenders? No, there is not. That’s why this “gentlemen’s” outfit would make every single person who sees your kid say “awwwww” on Easter Sunday.

2. Hooded rabbit ear romper

Image credit: Walmart

This hooded rabbit ear romper is a perfect choice for the active baby just learning to crawl, as it’s clearly cute from all angles.

3. This onesie with suspenders and bowtie

Image credit: Walmart

Again, suspenders and bowties. Especially on onesies. A-DOR-A-BLE. So grab this one before it sells out!

4. “My First Easter” onesie

Image credit: Walmart

Everyone knows you’re a shit parent if you don’t put a “Baby’s First _____” on your child for each major holiday. If you love your child at all, get this onesie ASAP.

5. This adorbs outfit with blazer, dress shirt, and khaki pants

Image credit: Walmart

OMG, how handsome will your kid look in this 3-piece outfit?! This one may almost make you forget that your child threw a ball through the kitchen window and tracked mud on your white carpet. Almost.

6. Rabbit romper dress

Image credit: Walmart

This rabbit romper dress looks super cute and comfy so your little one can look the part, but also run around stealing eggs from their siblings.

7. Denim dress and tee set

Image credit: Walmart

When you want to be a little bit fancy and a little bit rock and roll, you mix denim and tulle. (Everyone knows that.) This dress even comes with a motivational message all kids should hear.

8. Knitted gray romper

Image credit: Walmart

There’s nothing better than a soft, simple, knitted romper with a bunny on it, amiright? For a hotter climate, your baby can wear this plus a diaper all day and steal the show. And, if it’s cool where you live, a white shirt and pants can complete the look.

9. A sweater vest, bowtie, and pants set

Image credit: Walmart

Sweater vests on little kids are hands-down one of the cutest styles ever. This puppy sweater plus fashion-forward green pants make an Easter outfit that will definitely be IG-worthy.

10. Romper and polka-dot leg warmers

Image credit: Walmart

Two words: Leg. Warmers. Need we say more?

11. Dabbing Easter bunny shirt

Image credit: Walmart

If your kid wants a more casual look that’s still festive, a dabbing Easter bunny tee should do the trick.

12. Cute bunny romper tutu dress

Image credit: Walmart

Picture your little one toddling around in this one-piece tutu Easter bunny dress! Everyone will be snapping their pics all day long.

13. Topknot outfit for the baby fashionista

Image credit: Walmart

And finally, for the baby who’s already a fashionista, this topknot 2-piece outfit is sure to steal the show on Easter morning.

Parents, we all know our kids are covered in mud and chocolate by lunch time on Easter, so there’s no need to break the bank to show off how cute they are. These super cute outfits are affordable and are guaranteed to make Grandma swoon. Just don’t forget to snap a few pics before the egg hunt!

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