Our Favorite 'Old-School' Toys Are Making A Comeback

by Christine Organ
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My kids love to educate me on all the latest trends. They are convinced that just because I wear leggings most days and don’t listen to the Top 40 radio station that my trendiness is not, as the cool kids say, snatched. Look, my fashion my not be on fleek, and I might not know who Drake is, but I can still recite every single word to “Rapper’s Delight,” thankyouverymuch.

Preying on my living-in-the-’80s cluelessness, my kids love to “introduce” me to new toys. They are convinced that they and their friends have discovered the next greatest thing, and they are just saving me from my own pop-culture obtuseness. Except that many of these so-called “new” toys are the exact same toys that I played with as a child. Then again, as they say, everything old will be new again.

Rubik’s Cube

My kids are currently obsessed with the Rubik’s Cube. But the cubes of today come in all kinds of weird shapes. There’s a triangle “cube” and a hexagonal one that makes my head spin. Just a few minutes twisting and turning the Rubik’s Cube makes me want to throw it against the wall, but it keeps my kids occupied for hours (okay, minutes, but I’ll take what I can get).

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I loved the Spirograph as a kid, so I was thrilled when my son got one as a gift a few months ago. There’s something oddly Zen about creating flowery circles that I just can’t explain.

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My Little Pony

Who didn’t love My Little Ponies growing up? Okay, hush. If you didn’t love these gorgeous creatures, we can’t be friends. I was obsessed with these as a child, and I’m thrilled that they’re making a comeback — across genders too. Personally, I want to be Princess Twilight Sparkle when I grow up. #LifeGoals

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Mad Libs

I passed the time on long family road trips doing Mad Libs with my sister and brother, and now my kids do the same. And what’s not to love? It’s silly and fun, and teaches them about grammar and such — even if the most common nouns they use are poop, penis, or pee.

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