These Are The Favorite Rom-Coms Around The Country

by Clint Edwards
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I love action films (think Expendables). My wife loves serious romantic movies (think The Notebook). We both hate each other’s favorite genre of movie. My kids love nothing but honest to goodness garbage TV: magic egg videos, video game narrators, and anything with a cat or dog as the protagonist. If the TV is on, trust me, we are watching something the kids will enjoy. But on those few moments when Mel and I get to snuggle on the sofa, we have to find a compromise. And that, my friends, is the romantic comedy.

This what I call the married with children movie hierarchy. What? You’ve never heard of the married with children movie hierarchy? Well, you probably follow it, you just didn’t realize. It’s basically a scientific law, same as gravity. Kids movies come first and most often. Compromise movies come in second (better known as romantic comedies). Third, and very very last, are films you actually enjoy. They happen once a year.

In my opinion, this is why romantic comedies are so popular among couples with children. The rom-com is basically the mashed potatoes of married cinema. It isn’t exactly the main dish, but it’s satisfying and no one ever turns it down. With Valentine’s Day hitting the scene on a school night this year, chances are you will spend the 14th of February fighting your children off of a sugar high while attempting to clean up the mess of sucker sticks clinging to the carpet, so you can get those little buggers into their pajamas nice and early and spend a few moments watching a rom-com.

But the moment those kids are in bed, you will be left with one of the two questions all couples dread: where should we eat? And what should we watch? Lucky for you, the good people at put together an impressive list of the most popular rom-com for each state. How fun is that?

Many of these titles you have probably already seen, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch it again. Some of these suckers are timeless. Unless you or your partner hate the movie. Then you should probably just move to a different state. No, that’s dramatic. Just pick a different movie.

Some of the selections are almost too predictable, I must admit. For example, according to, here is the list of movies that are set in the state that loves the movie the most.

Washington stays up late for Sleepless in Seattle.

Alaska put a ring on The Proposal.

It’s always 500 Days of Summer in California.

Pennsylvania wins at the game of love with Silver Linings Playbook (this is on Netflix right now, and it’s awesome).

For Hawaii, it feels like the first time every time in 50 First Dates.

New Yorkers are always ready to check if You’ve Got Mail.

Alabama brings it home with Sweet Home Alabama.

None of those selections should surprise anyone. However, I must admit I was surprised to see how many movies from the ’80s and ’90s were still huge hits nationwide. For example, my personal favorite The Princess Bride scored big in Idaho, and Pretty in Pink seems to be painting the Midwest, shall I say… Pink! See what I did there? I slay me! And Pretty Woman is still hugely popular. The last time I watched Pretty Woman it was on VHS and I’m pretty sure I rented it from Blockbuster. That sentence alone should give you a good idea of the decade I’m talking about.

Now, there were a few rom-coms on the list that did have me scratching my head. Groundhog Day, for example. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love that move. It’s hilarious. And yeah, there is a love story there, but it kind of feels like when people call Die Hard a Christmas move. But hey, to each their own. And I was also surprised to see As Good As It Gets. I have a feeling someone is going to freak out over this, but is that a romantic comedy? I mean, I suppose it is. But it’s not exactly the kind of movie that makes you want to snuggle someone.

Anyway, here’s the plan. I want you all to check this list out. Make it easy on yourself, and select the movie from the state you live in. Save yourself some time and an argument. Don’t worry about the movie being checked out at the video store, because we are past it. Stream that sucker. Get the popcorn, and if the stars are aligned, you will be able to make it through the entire rom-com from your state without a child asking for water, or one of you falling asleep. And if things really work out, and I mean really, really go your way, sex.

Yeah, I laughed a little writing that, too.

As a parent, sex on a school night is always a long shot. But it could happen. And if it doesn’t, well… at least you had an awesome movie and a quality snuggle.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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