Feminist Needlepoint Is Exactly What Your 2018 Needs

by Valerie Williams
Images via Etsy/OldGirlsClub/sleepylittlestitches

We need a dozen for every room

I took up embroidery about two years ago, and real talk, it’s hard AF. I’ve come across amazing feminist stitching patterns many times that I wanted to try to make, but ended up too intimidated to give it a shot. Luckily, a quick Etsy search reveals thousands of choices, all made by talented small business owners. So you can get your feminism on and support crafty women at the same time.

This is what 2018 needs, ladies. This will be our year.

If combining feminism, crafts, and the best 4-letter word of all is your jam, keep it simple with this “feminist as fuck” needlepoint.

Image via Etsy/TheNeedledee

Want your home decor to be dainty and shabby-chic as you plot to smash the patriarchy? Get it across in one beautifully sassy hoop.

Image via Etsy/TheFunnyStitch

If you’re really feeling yourself lately and want that shit displayed prominently (and don’t need to wait for a man to say it instead), get out your credit card and purchase this gorgeous, embroidered butt affirmation. Because there’s nothing wrong with reminding yourself what you’re workin’ with.

Image via Etsy/sleepylittlestitches

If you want to channel your inner bad-ass Elizabeth Warren, hang this masterpiece in your home office.

Image via EtsyQualls

But if Hillary is your homegirl, no feminist crafting arrangement would be complete without a nod to all the nasty women out there.

Image via Etsy/sleepylittlestitches

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for that bossy bitch in your life, look no further than this meticulously embroidered hoop just begging to sit on her desk.

Image via Etsy/FraternalCo

For the woman who enjoys cats and loathes disgusting catcalling, you’re welcome.

Image via Etsy/pixelsandpurls

Don’t even apologize. Own it. Proudly.

Image via Etsy/OldGirlsClub