Fifty Shades of Seriously?

It started a couple of months ago. “Have you heard of Fifty Shades of Grey yet?” my friend asked. Nope, I responded. Should I have? YES, she sighed dreamily. Buy it now. Trust me. But, I didn’t trust her, back on that rainy day in March. Nor did I trust the next 20 friends who echoed the same sentiment. Memories of flipping through Twilight and wondering what the big fuss was about danced in my head and I resisted. But that was hardly the last I heard about it.

Overnight it seemed, the female population was obsessed. Moms at school drop off were discussing bondage in between bake sale numbers and PTA events. My online friends had it on their Kindle’s. My real life friends were snatching up paperbacks. My cousins couldn’t get enough. It was the topic of conversation at dinners out with friends and over pedicures and even at a recent Bar Mitzvah.

Last week, I officially became the last female in the country to climb on board the Grey train. I read it in a few days, not because I was so smitten with the intelligent writing, but because I’m still twelve and merely skimmed the book for the juicy parts… and, juicy they are.

Frankly, I still don’t get what all the hype is all about. But, what I really want to know, is what’s next?  If Fifty Shades is gateway mommy porn, what’s in store for us after the books?

The manager of a Barnes and Noble where I spoke told me that he gets at least 50 calls a day about the book and has sold more of Fifty Shades than any other single book in the store’s history. (This following a report that he’d sold exactly two of my books. Thanks, dude.) Yesterday, I received a PR pitch from a sex store who informed me that a vibrator, anal beads and lubricant was “just what mom needs this year for Mother’s Day!”

Does anyone else find this the least bit bizarre?

I mean, I’m not complaining about it, but I do find the whole thing to be highly entertaining. Is this the beginning of some new sexual revolution where porn is no longer relegated to back rooms and seedy basement stores? Will sex swings soon line the playground for after hour fun? Will whips proudly hang on our Pottery Barn coat racks? Will Playgirl sit out at the nail salon along with People and US Weekly? Will women proudly display burns and bruises? It’s… kind of odd.

But, most importantly, if this is the direction that we’re headed, how to we go about cloning our husbands into Christian Grey? I mean, my imagination may be good, but it’s not that good.

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In addition to being the founder of all things Scary Mommy, Jill is also the New York Times bestselling author of Simon and Schuster’s Confessions of A Scary Mommy and Motherhood Comes Naturally (And Other Vicious Lies)

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Laura Kipp 3 years ago

I am just like you! I held out on reading the books too. I also read all three books in about three days. Still don’t get all the hype….how many ways can you describe the sexual act? The storyline did, however, keep me hooked & yes, I will probably see the movie…:)

kath 3 years ago

Would this book be *as popular* if the roles were reversed and it was the female who took the lead instead of the man? I don’t think so. IMHO I doubt if it would have had the buzz and it begs the question, how do the readers create the market? Do we really need more of these types of books (following the whole vampire issue that began with Anne Rice)

If you can get beyond the *juicy bits* – a really _good_ book- should be well written over all. not just passages that try to support the book. Fifty Shades of Grey was what I, and my friends call the “slap me” books- (right up there with Abraham Lincon vampire slayer and A Discovery of Witches) Slap me because we spent money on this! Oh come on. As readers have we become so jaded in our quest for reading material that stuff like this can be seen as good writing? No.
its like compairing Harry Potter to The Legend of Rah and the Muggles – the biggest slap me book ever.

Beth 3 years ago

OMG, this is hilarious!!! I haven’t read this book yet either but after reading this blog, I think I may need to check it out! By the way, I absolutely LOVE your blog, its freakin great :)

Kristin 3 years ago

Thanks so much for this information! It makes sooo much sense.

Alyssa @ Life of bLyss 3 years ago

oh my gosh, this is fantastic.

I’m also reading, and I can’t agree more. ALSO, the writing style drives me nuts. it’s middle school writing with a few SAT words thrown around, and the SAME words and phrases reused over and over again. I’ve only kept reading because I’m curious how the author makes this stretch on for 3 books.

Laura @ Joyful Shimmy 3 years ago

Awesome post- I blogged a “book review” piece on the book that has increased my webtraffic for about 1000% because I misspelled grey as in gray.

The book was juicy in the right parts. It was a fun read though I have to admit that it did weird me out that my male boss read it. We did agree not to talk about the content of the book. lol

LADY GOO GOO GAGA 3 years ago

UGH – I blogged about this last week – I think it’s absolutely horrible that women in this country are fantasizing about some rich guy whipping their hoo-ha with a riding crop and then buying them a new car….
I’d rather take the bus…..

zumpie 3 years ago

As a full on literary snob, I have ZERO interest. I read one Hairy Potty book and found the writing stilted and the plot a ripoff of Worst Witch/Narnia/Lord of the Rings/The Bible, etc. The Hunger Games (ripoff of Battle Royale/Theseus/Running Man/The Lottery) interested me even less.

So obviously, I have zero interest in reading a poorly written Marquis de Sade/My Secret Life/Fear of Flying ripoff.

JessGem 3 years ago

I won’t be this harsh, as I do like the “Grey” novels. BUT, in all honesty, as I am a fan of Twilight – the book does come dangerously close to copyright infringement issues. I wonder how S. Meyer is handling it. No, E.L. James doesn’t refer to werewolves and vampires, but the characters (and their relationships/personalities) are CLEARLY derived from those originally created in the Twilight books. If you are in fact a fan of Twilight, you will see this, immediately. Not only that but I wonder how awkward it must be for the Twilight movie actors, particularly Robert Pattinson. Again, I’m a fan of Twilight and an even bigger fan of Pattinson as an actor/person. And she very creepily refers to many of his own mannerisms and interests. Whatever, I still like it lol

The Mommy Psychologist 3 years ago

Did anyone see the Dr. Drew interview about the book? He called it a rape fantasy and that it was so insulting for woman. Um…Dr. Drew, have you seen any of the actual porn on the Internet? Are you aware of what the gentlemen are looking at? We get just a bit risque and suddenly there’s something wrong with us…Ugh! It made me SO mad. So mad that I had to post about it here. I wish I could find a link to the interview. I’ll see if I can and post it so everyone else can get mad too!

“The child psychologist who thought she had all the answers to parenting until she became one herself.”

Rachel 3 years ago

You are not the last person to hear about or read this book. I am. I just heard about it 2 weeks ago. After my best friend told me her 60 year old mother in law was reading it. And then my boss told me I just HAD to read it.

Stacey 3 years ago

I haven’t read it either and after skimming through some of these comments, I don’t think I want to. My kids are all readers and hover if I have a book in my hand. I’m thinking I don’t want them hovering over shades of grey.

LaynaDeigh 3 years ago

I haven’t read this yet either, but am very well aware of the title and the hype… Once I can spend some extra money on something such as a book (low on the ‘to spend’ list) I think I would like to read it… HOWEVER, I have read the book called ‘Nine and a Half Weeks’, and 50sog sounds like it is going to be quite similiar to that… Maybe I am wrong… Curious to find out!

Misty Stacy 3 years ago

Um…yes please!! My husband knows that he is going to get laid if he vaccuums lol I love a man in an apron…other clothing is optional but definately the apron lol

Reena 3 years ago

This story is one of the worst stories ever written. It started out as Twilight Fan Fiction. Published on in chapters. The author got feedback on each chapter and unpaid editing and advice. She then suddenly deleted it. And published it. Oh and held any readers to ransom for what happened next by paying for something that was previously there for the whole world.
I object to this being banded about as original fiction. The author was blatantly influenced by the original copywrited saga series by S Meyer. And other Twilight fan fiction. All the author did was copy cut/paste and replace the names etc. Hardly original writing. Shoddy plot and characterisation. And a rip off of others ideas? This book is not original or innovative. Hasn’t anyone ever heard of “The Story of O”?

Holly 3 years ago

Jessica, I thought the same thing about this being just like the Twilight books, But I do like this genre can you suggest any other good books? I read the sleeping beauty series many years ago

Kim 3 years ago

So, ladies…I never read or card about Twilight (I thought it was for kids, hinestly), but after reading all these comments, I am wondering what I missed by NOT seeing or caring about Twilight…

By the way…I just started Book #2 and bad writing or not, I still am hooked to this story. So be it. :)

Kim 3 years ago

I agree. :)

Kristen Mae 3 years ago

My sister’s been harrassing me to read ‘Shades,’ too. Twilight nearly sent me over the deep end (I was really pissed at my husband for not being Edward), and that was rated PG.

Plus I’m pretty sure my brother-in-law has been spanking my sister lately, which really freaks me out.

And what if the books turn me into a nympho?

I’m just not ready yet.

Jennifer 3 years ago

You are NOT the last woman because I still haven’t bought it. I just can’t do it. Not because of the sex, but because of the really poor writing. I just can’t spend money on something that poorly written. I think it is ridiculous.

PS Somehow you became unsubscribed in my Google reader. WTF Google? Such an asshole. The problem has been corrected.

stylisticallystella 3 years ago

I guarantee that if vibrators were given as mother’s day presents, there’d be ALOT of happier families!

wendy @ mama one to three 3 years ago

I downloaded the first one after all the hype. It’s awful… There are better dirty books out there!

virginiallorca 3 years ago

I want to be next years ridiculously short-lived undeserved phenom. I’ve decided to read them and call it research.

Adrienne 3 years ago

I haven’t read them. But, I have been tempted. Thank God for the kindle, because if I do decide to stoop to mommy porn no one will actually know.

Judy @ Late Mommy 3 years ago

First, loved your book! Second, I’m on the third book of the Fifty Shades trilogy and I’m hooked. They are no great piece of literature, but are a great escape, quick reading and kind of, well, hot! We just never know what’s going on behind the closed doors of our neighbors! Hmmm…

Corporate Wife 3 years ago

I just bought this book at Costco. First, there was a 90 year old man blocking the book display (he was about three chapters in), then there was a grandma with a hearing aid in front of me in line WITH the book!

I don’t think you are the last to know. The geriatric horn dogs and I will take that honor.

The Mommy Psychologist 3 years ago

I am amused by all of this. I think it’s great that women are getting in touch with their inner freaks. I saw the interview with the author and she was so embarrassed and clearly uncomfortable throughout the entire thing. It was so darling. She really is just your average housewife living with the secret fantasies we all have.

Sean Bianca 3 years ago

I myself have not yet read Fifty Shades Of Grey. I’m told the writing is average at best, but women are going nuts about it. Funny how so many Mommy’s feel a need to escape their lives and I as an over 40 divorcee would give anything to have the boring existence of being a Mommy!

Mayor Gia 3 years ago

Right?! My sister told me she was reading it. MY SISTER! I don’t want to know that.

Charlene 3 years ago

Is it bad that I want to snatch up every “porn” book like this simply because it’s the only way I’m gonna even imagine sex right now? For whatever reason, my DH has put the Great Wall up between us and he refuses to talk about it so I’m seriously reading every Gena Showalter and Sherrilyn Kenyon book I can get my hands on.

Dawn 3 years ago

I’ve seen the Secretary, it creeped me out lol

JB 3 years ago

Becki, you can say all you want, but in no way, shape or form is using the name a slam on the religion. For crying out loud, that’s positively ridiculous. Sure the name originated under that meaning but over the centuries it has lost that particular meaning when parents are naming their children.

People like the name for aesthetic reasons, not because it means something to them religiously.I’m sure she has a thing for Christian Bale for all we know and modeled the character after him. When assumptions like yours are made based on your religious beliefs it can make you sound a little close-minded

If you tie absolutely everything into religion then you’ll be really sad one day, because not everyone feels the same as you.

And as for the porn comment, believe it or not women are able to enjoy their sexuality and go outside the box when it comes to sex. There are more then two positions and there are there are many different things you can try when you’re within a committed relationship(or out, who cares). My theory when it comes to sex is unless someone is getting hurt against their will or there is something postively reprehensible involved(children and animals come to mind) then to each their own.

And for your every ten people who despise erotica/porn I can come up with a 50 who embrace it.

Kim 3 years ago

I am reading 50 right now and I am head-over-heels about it. I haven’t read a book since I had my 4 yo as my time is limited and I also now have a 9 month old, but I read it every second that I get! I love it!

Sweety Darlin 3 years ago

I haven’t read this, but if you have seen the movie Secretary with Maggie Gyllenhall, then you will see a totally awesome version of her!

It is a great film and I love it!

Lollie – The Fortuitous Housewife 3 years ago

The population of non-Grey indoctrinated continues to dwindle, and I am still a member of that demographic.

I’m no prude (married twice, and had my fair share of non-married fun too – as Andie McDowell put it, “more than Princess Di, less than Madona), but I just can’t imagine what is so alluring about older man/younger woman, domination & bondage.

Do I have to relent & read if I’m ever to grasp the appeal?

renselaas 3 years ago

I’m a bookseller, and it kills me to see all of the people clamoring for this garbage. I don’t mind the sex, but I do mind that it’s so horribly written. A “Christian-flavored lollipop?” Spare me.

On more than one occasion, though, I have gotten a good laugh out of women of a certain age telling me that their book club is reading it. Better read that trendy stuff, you know.

shanan 3 years ago

I have not read it but I have read Scary Mommy! Thanks to my lovely sister and it was a great read. It’s too bad it didn’t come out when I had my first but I will be sure to give this to my friends. Just need to figure out what is the right ” time” to give after a first baby, don’t want to scare them too early on!

shanan 3 years ago

We may be the last hold outs but then again I still havn’t read Twilight either.

Becki 3 years ago

Just those words “fan fiction” make me gag and my stomach turn. Fan fiction writers can’t come up with their own ideas so they piggy back on someone else’s efforts … . .

Remember glimpsing blogs that had horrendous fan fiction for “Dr Quinn Medicine Woman” lol.

Hmmmmmm. .want to google and see what google thinks was the first fan fiction . .

Becki 3 years ago

OK – can’t let this one go by.

Ummmmmmm. . Christian as a title/descriptor has been around for 2000 years not hundreds.

It literally means follower of Christ.

And as far as being used as a name . .Medieval times is the best guess. A long time.

And I don’t say everything is against the church . . .but this one . .is too obvious a slam in my opinion . .she had to consider it when naming the character..

And this is porn – pretty much agreed on by followers/dissenters and radio hosts, lol.

Katie 3 years ago

I can’t read it. I just can’t.

Not because sex offends me or because I will sit there and blush…I just can’t read “fan fiction”.

I can’t do it.

Just Jennifer 3 years ago

I haven’t read it either, and I’m actually kind of afraid. I get the feeling that it’s not all that well-written, just steamy, which reminds of any ole porn movie. How is this better?

MrsSmith 3 years ago

I haven’t read it yet either, and I don’t think I plan on it.

heather 3 years ago

you’re not the last. i am slobbering over the new stephen king. and confessions of a scary mommy. but, then again, i am a deeply disturbed and twisted person………………

Vicki @ Crowning Victoria 3 years ago

Ok so I’ve had the same experience thus far, but don’t have my eyes/hands on the book yet.

AND I heard that it’s extremely sexually charged.
But What-the-Hell?! I’m 30, a newly wed, and no plans of kids yet!
I loved Twilight and fell HEAD OVER HEELS for The Hunger Games.
Sounds like a great, shallow book for me, right now!

Dee 3 years ago

Nope. Not gonna either. I run the other way when something becomes a “must” read or have or do or see or something “everyone else is” doing, seeing, having, reading. It sounds like a bondage, controlling type of plot situation and that alone would tick me off let alone the poor writing everyone talks about. I prefer empowered women as the heroes in my books!

JB 3 years ago

Becki, Christian is a VERY popular male name that’s dated back a couple hundred years. In fact I have a brother by the name. Who was named after a british great-great uncle by the same name.

Not an obvious slam, just an interesting name. Not everything has to be against the church. Don’t read into things that aren’t there.

I get that you’re against porn but honestly what is porn to some is being free about your sexuality and owning your sexuality to others.

JB 3 years ago

Forgive my grammar/editing mistakes, my teen was hovering over me and I didn’t have a chance to proofread before I hit submit.

JB 3 years ago

THIS is exactly why I can’t stand this book. There is material out there that is much better written and more interesting. First off, I tried to read 50 Shades but after page 12 I found it boring. Not to mention that horrible writing hurts my brain. The lead female is a wet blanket of stupidity and the lead guy? Ugh.

I have to admit, I skimmed to the sex parts to see what the fuss was about and found myself saying “hmm I’ve done worse”. haha

I just find it to be bad porn meant to titilate the bored moms at home who haven’t done much more then two or three sex positions and couldn’t imagine going near a sex shop with their husbands. No offense to anyone, but I think that we as women are capable of thinking and feeling/experiencing so much more sexually and this book just makes us look unable to.

The biggest turnoff of this whole book series is that the media/publishing company(my spouse is in the business so I get a lot of insider dirt) was making a big deal about how the author wanted to stay anonymous. Yet suddenly there she is in her glory doing interviews in book tours. It makes no sense, why go out of the way one minute to say the author didn’t want to be revealed publically, then then the next she’s in a photo shoot for Entertainment Weekly. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Tricia Gatto 3 years ago

I told my sisters and friends about your book and sent them the link to your site. great site and thank you for the book, looking forward to reading it. All the best, Tricia

Shannon 3 years ago

I just bought the book for my first book club meeting. Since I haven’t met most of the women yet, it should be quite the ice breaker!

Jadzia@Toddlerisms 3 years ago

I think this comment disappeared.

You know what my 68-year-old mother is NOT getting for Mother’s Day?

Anal beads.

I’m just sayin’.

Jadzia@Toddlerisms 3 years ago

You know what my 68-year-old mother is NOT getting for Mother’s Day?

Anal beads.

I’m just sayin’.

Ayregoddess 3 years ago

And try out LKH Merry Gentry series if you are like the S&M…I am not much of an S&M fan but I do love that series…

Ayregoddess 3 years ago

Who is this Jacqueline Carey….off to google…if she is good enough to be mentioned with LKH…I gotta have it…

Ayregoddess 3 years ago

Exactly this!

XLMIC 3 years ago

Right there with you.

Alexandra 3 years ago

In other breaking news: mommies are STILL WOMEN!!


yeah and whaaaat? Scary Mommy, 2 books.

Written in one week smut: door buster??

WTF? Exactly.

Jack@TheJackB 3 years ago

A vibrator for Mother’s Day. Now wouldn’t that be precious alongside a loving hand written note from your children.

Dear Mommy,

I love you sooo much! Daddy says we should help you relax. Happy Mothers Day.

Yep, that would be a dandy.

cheesehead4ever 3 years ago

I’m a pretty big reader and I’ve never heard of it either. Also, I put down Girl with the Dragon Tattoo after the first hundred pages. Had no interest in what was happening and didn’t care about the characters. I wasn’t going to waste my time with it.

Mod Mom Beyond IndieDom 3 years ago

I’m not really interested in reading “50 Shades of Grey”.
Maybe sometime when I’m three sheets to the wind.

Virginia Llorca 3 years ago

All three are available on bit torrent sites for free. Several locations. I might read it but not pay. But torrent sites scare me a little. What’s your experience with them?

Frankly, I had a beau that kinda wanted to get into that stuff a little, but I usually ended up crying. We did find other things to amuse ourselves though.

That Ellen clip was adorable. I love her.

Mike 3 years ago


Seriously? “Kindle’s”

You wrote a book and don’t know how to use apostrophes? Seriously?

Paraskevi 3 years ago

Hm…read it or live it? Could you imagine?!

KCSmommy 3 years ago

***skip the book to prevent me from turning 50 shades of red.

Also I just recently read the Twilight books after refusing so long. I quite enjoyed the Twilight books, the movies leave something to be desired though, they are terrible!

KCSmommy 3 years ago

Its funny that you say its the new everyone is raving about book because i have never heard of it before nor heard anyone say anything about it. I am an avid reader and read just about everything people suggest to me. I have never heard of this book (is it a book or magazine?).
Then again I am the weirdo who skips sex in books because they embarass me!! Lol So if it’s pretty much like a book of porn I will the book to prevent me from changing 50 shades of red.

Tinne from Tantrums and Tomatoes 3 years ago

Confession : I’ve not read the 50 shades trilogy, nor the Hunger Games, nor Twilight. Please excuse me while I climb back under my rock. But if you like the whole bondage-sex slave thing may I recommend Histoire d’Oh? Very entertaining…

Susanna K. 3 years ago

I didn’t read Twilight, either. I’ve recently heard the buzz about this book, but the more I hear about it, the less interested I am.

On the other hand, I recently purchased a copy of “Lace” from Goodwill. That’s the book that I skimmed thru as a 6th grader looking for juicy parts, and let me tell you, it is actually a highly entertaining read. I’ll pick soap opera over porn any day.

Barbara 3 years ago

Honestly I am sick of the hype and cannot wait until this trend goes away. I am no prude but it has becone a vehicle for way too many TMI discussions. Really, 60 yo lady at work, I don’t want to know you haven’t felt this h**ny since menopause. Sheesh.

Elaine 3 years ago

I have not read it yet myself but I know my husband wants me to…. ;-p

And who knows maybe books like these will help keep the divorce rate down. Ahem.

Lady Estrogen 3 years ago

I haven’t read it yet – I’m resisting – mainly because I read Flowers in the Attic and watch porn. I’m assuming 50 Shades in somewhere in the middle, and I’m more of an extremist when it comes to my filthy pleasures.

Elaine 3 years ago

if this were FB I would “like” this comment. :)

eschelle 3 years ago

I feel so completely clueless I know nothing of this at all I must google it immediately !!!

Shirley@motivatedmommyoftwo 3 years ago

Jill I do not think you were the last woman on earth to grab a copy of the book, I have not even heard of it until I read your post. But now I am intrigued

Corey Feldman 3 years ago

I guess I am going to have to read this book after all. I keep hearing nothing but good things

Carolyn 3 years ago

I’ve honestly never heard of this book. Now I’m curious. Off to Google – even that sounds naughty now.

Amber 3 years ago

I read it and didn’t see what the fuss was all about.. It’s so…just…gah! That girl needs a damn backbone.

Cassie 3 years ago

You really should to read the Hunger Games! It is the best series that I have ever read (including Harry Potter and Twilight). I’m a middle school reading teacher, so I have quite a bit of experience!

Karen 3 years ago

You weren’t the last person on earth to read it. I still haven’t read the book yet and who knows when I’ll get around to it. Knowing me, it will be another year when the next big thing is out. I’m always behind. But I’m not sure how well I’ll take to a poorly written story with bad grammar either. Maybe we should all just wait for the movie?

vanillasugarblog 3 years ago

oh boy is that what the book is all about?
i thought it was about something else.
amazing how fast a book gets so popular….i’ll pass
just give me some food porn and i’m good

Taryn 3 years ago

ehhh…. horrible writing and grammer… and while I don’t mind the S&M, I was really not into the control/somewhat-abuse angle to the story. The guy is a control freak and the girl just can’t leave.

If you want some good sex/bondage and some good story, read the Sleeping Beauty trilogy by Anne Rice (writing as A. N. Roquelaure.)

Kathy V. 3 years ago

And here’s a drawback to being the only one of my friends with a kid. I had never heard of this book. My hipster friends don’t much talk about S&M (though that would be AWESOME.) Maybe I’ll pick up a copy. Or maybe not — it sounds poorly written, and that shit bugs the hell out of me (Stephenie Meyer, I’m looking at you, girl.) Sigh. Maybe I’ll just watch the wet shirt scene in BBC’s Pride and Prejudice again …

Cassie 3 years ago

People have been raving about that book, but I just haven’t got around to reading it. I’m a middle school reading teacher and my book list is long, but the summer is coming. I guess it may be another one to pick up next time I’m at Powell’s.

Stephanie 3 years ago

I’m still resisting. I refused Harry Potter, Twilight, The Hunger Games, and this. It’s like peer pressure. There’s something vaguely disquieting to me about a row of women reading the same book. Maybe I’ll get around to it someday. When no one’s looking. Or not. I can’t say.

Shell 3 years ago

I haven’t read it yet and have no real desire to!

Erin 3 years ago

I went to Amazon to buy your book and at the bottom of the page it said “Customers who bought this also bought:” and the first book listed was Shades of Grey!

lynsey 3 years ago

Umm…this is being made into a movie.

Charisse 3 years ago

So you’re not THE last to not have read it. I haven’t picked it up, either. And I don’t know if I will….but I am just saying…

lynsey 3 years ago

For me the books were less about sex and more about Christian’s redmeption and recovery.

Amy ~ Eat. Live. Laugh. Shop. 3 years ago

I was horribly disappointed by the book after all the hype. Yes, it had steamy sex, but really?!?!? Is that really all we need to make a book go viral. Geesh. Had I known I could have written about . . . yea, who am I fooling, I got nothing on that!

CC Jen 3 years ago

I haven’t read it yet, but obviously I need to. Also? Anyone who buys me anal beads and lube for Mother’s Day is in for a serious beating!

Jen 3 years ago

I find this whole thing fasinating and I have to say, I kinda like that so many moms are openingly reading this and now talking about sex.

I mean come on, sex is a much better topic of conversation than how our jeans don’t fit or how the kid colored on the wall again.

Let’s be naughty… it’s all good. 😉

AnnMarie 3 years ago

We are on almost the same page! I spit out my drink when I read the title of your post. I just wrote two posts about this very topic. Is this really what women are looking for? Is this what is new in romantic fiction? I sort of miss the days when we talked about b.s. homework assignments instead of whips and chains in the car pool lines. There are a lot of things I would like for Mother’s Day and a vibrator isn’t one of them. It’s very refreshing to read your post and these comments and know that I am not the only one that didn’t like it.

Tina 3 years ago

I found this whole Fifty Shades thing mind-boggling. It’s not the first of it’s kind. There are dozens and dozens of books out there like this for women. “Exit to Eden” was a bad movie but the book wasn’t. What Elliott did with sugar and butter still makes me squirm. Anyway, there are many other books like this and the writing is FAR better in the other books. Read “Nine and Half Weeks” or “Belladonna” or Anne Rice’s “Sleeping Beauty” books for starters. There is plenty out there.

Natalie 3 years ago

My sister writes under the alias “Michele Zurlo” – I don’t think I’m being biased when I say that in my opinion, she is a much better and more imaginative writer.

“Fifty Shades of Grey” is to “The Story of O” what “Twilight” is to “Buffy The Vampire Slayer.”

Shawna 3 years ago

I am a manager at a major book retailer and the hype around this book is ludacris. Erotic novels have been around for decades but ereaders are now allowing people to read them without fear of judgement. I find myself mentally rolling my eyes when someone asks for this book, not because I care what they are reading but because they act like it’s a new phenomenon.

SKY 3 years ago

:) This made me laugh (and agree wholeheartedly) – I read the 1st book after all the hype. It’s basically a bondage-based romance novel – mega-rich guy sweeps girl off her naive feet after he can’t apparently find anyone else to challenge him… ? seriously? Is this any less realistic than a romance novel? Are women that desperate for a diversion that they’ll settle for this less-than-stellar writing? Are we in that sad of shape that we can’t come up with/daydream about or live our own level of fantasies (kids or no kids)? Personally, I’ll stick to my more-than-satisfactory life as a single dating Mom who is liberated enough to tell her partner what she wants.

Christy 3 years ago

I admit I got the first book when I heard all the hype. It was ehh…ok. I was able to get past the terrible writing and take it for what it was. Mindless fiction that allowed me to sit back and enjoy a few hours to myself without having to think. It was a mildly entertaining time suck. I liked it just enough to consider getting the other two books until I heard something that completely killed it for me. The twilight connection. I CANNOT STAND TWILIGHT! The second I heard that these books were in any way related to that horrid vampire dribble, they were completely ruined for me. When I tried to finish the first book I had to stop reading after 3 pages because all I could think of was Twilight. Ugh!

Jennifer 3 years ago

OK, I have not read it either, but may have to check it out now…

Heather 3 years ago

50 Shades of Whatnow? Sorry, I was busy having real sex. No, of course we’re not married yet.

mindylou 3 years ago

I just downloaded 50 shades to my nook…but I am in the middle of the girl #2… I am torn..any suggestions on which to read first?

bree 3 years ago

bhahahahaa. I have not yet climbed aboard the Grey train, either. I did, however, find a blog that listed all the juciest parts. teehee. That being said, I can’t WAIT for the day when it is socially acceptable to carry out the action in the pics of this blog…I have felt ROBBED of my right to read “Playgirl” while getting my toes done. lol…

Tricia 3 years ago

I haven’t read it either but also can’t seem to escape it. It’s all over the Internets and a fellow mom confessed she was reading it during our daughters’ ballet class last week. I do find it all a bit bizarre! I suppose sex is the new vampire?

Narae 3 years ago

You weren’t the last one – I may be. After reading the reviews and hearing people talk, I went ahead and ordered all 3 in the series-next up on my reading list this next week. I love the smut paperbacks-they make for excellent summer in the pool reading-and personally I think they help ignite a naughtiness that is missing a lot of times in a relationship and in many cases, makes a usually non-aggressive woman a little more aggressive. For the past few years I’ve been a consultant for Passion Parties and I’ve learned a tremendous amount sexually-not just about toys, but about how our bodies work alone and with each other. This knowledge has also helped me teach hubby a few new things – sex has never been hotter. I don’t think we’ll see sex swings on the playground or whips and chains in Pottery Barn, but I do know the thought process of these items and other sexual enhancement toys are not considered as unmentionable as they once were.

Rebecca 3 years ago

Yes, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is very slow at first. I remember it taking 2 or 3 tries to get into it, but then I couldn’t wait to read the following books. I haven’t read 50 shades of Grey, but I have read Scary Mommy’s book!

Jennifer 3 years ago

First of all… holy comments Batman!! When did you post this?? This morning?? Jesus!

Anyway, I am about to start book three of the trilogy. I agree with most who’ve said the writing is awful. Just awful. But yes the sex scenes are quite juicy. HOWEVER… Laurell K. Hamilton writes a series about a vampire hunter named Anita Blake in which the sex scenes are just as juicy and there are vampires and werewolves and sorcerers and zombies all over the freaking place. Kinda like Fifty Shades and Twilight all rolled into one. Yum. Now I can only attest to the first 8 books, I have heard that after book 10 the books go bad, but seriously, after 10 books of one series… you’re hooked.

stacey@havoc&mayhem 3 years ago

I read some of it, but the poor writing & apparent total lack of editing really turned me off. you can read better written porn on Literotica for free if all you are interested in is the sex. Considering the overall plot, I can’t see why else anyone would be reading it.
And the story often crosses the line between consensual S&M and outright abuse IMO, which really turned me off more than anything.
But it does serve a purpose in giving us “mommy bloggers’ (a title I absolutely hate because it seems so demeaning) a chance to talk almost openly about sex on our blogs in a socially accepted manner.
But only almost openly. It’s ok for us to admit we like reading badly written smut but we can’t talk specifically about the parts we liked because we are still ‘mommies’ and mommies openly admitting in detail the parts they liked is still taboo.

Robin 3 years ago

I work for a library – and 50 Shades of Grey is the most requested book in the system…so when it came across my desk I took it home over the weekend to read it (no one else on staff had any interest…I mean, they are LIBRARIANS – they don’t read much trash.) It was the absolutely the worst book I have EVER read in my life…and I have read THOUSANDS! No because of the porn – but because it was so poorly written and ill-constructed. There is absolutely NO character development outside of long, involved descriptions of facial contortions. And no, it’s not a love story, “he doesn’t do love.” It’s just stupid. That fact that so many women (and men!) are reading it just makes me feel complete and utter dispair over the general reading public. Read something beautiful!! Read something true! Read history! Read a biography! Don’t read TRASH and get all in a twitter! So many awesome books out there that will never, ever be read. It’s heartbreaking.

greyfan 3 years ago


Galit Breen 3 years ago

Jill! Freaking hilarious!

)Everyone I know is reading it! Everyone! What does this mean?! :))

Alexis (The Exhausted Mom) 3 years ago

I too have not read it yet. I am still working on the hunger games….. talk about behind the times! I do already have it downloaded though. My next download will be your book, so then you will sell three!! Lol!

Good luck with the porn at your next pedicure!

Arnebya 3 years ago

YES, THIS! PLEASE BE MY FRIEND! (I’m sorry to yell; I get overly excited at proper grammar. Proper grammar AND a can to the ass? Mmmmmmm).

Arnebya 3 years ago

Vanessa, I will admit that The Girl trilogy starts off slowly (very slowly). But I can also attest to it being worth it once it picks up. Even the second book is slow, and I think that’s by far the best. I would imagine it’s even harder to get through if you feel pressure from other people. Maybe that’s why I’m nitpicking and reading Grey so slowly.

Arnebya 3 years ago

Huh. And here I was thinking I was the last (and I refused to buy it; got it from the library. I’m still not done (but, I just started it yesterday)). Understand: I am a big reader. But there’s something about books that EVERYONE swears I should read that turns me off to them and I wind up reading them a year later (and usually wondering why in the hell didn’t I listen?). I never got into Twilight, neither book nor movie. I finally read The Hunger Games last week. And those sentence fragments. Gave me a headache. There was an author named Zane (she went on to have an HBO or SHO sexish show). I read one of her books and the writing was SO bad I wrote her letter. I like reading about dirty sex as much as the next person but damn, can I get some subject/verb agreement? I’m getting past the irritating writing in Grey that’s making me move slower through it (“I magic a smile on my face”: UGH). Just get to the humping already.

Triplezmom 3 years ago

I think this is why I have no interest in Shades and why Twilight got on my nerves, I don’t have that fantasy. Possibly because I already sort of lived it and the whole thing turned emotionally abusive when I didn’t need to be taken care of so much anymore. All I can imagine is what it will be like in 5 years or 10 years. Give me a fantasy heroine like Katniss Everdeen any day. Although maybe someone could write one who’s a bit older and has lots of juicy sex?

Vinobaby 3 years ago

I am one of the few women brave enough to admit I thought the book was total crap. Seriously, the writing was worse than horrid, and I wanted to wring Ana’s neck after the first 10 pages. I would have tossed the book at that point, it all the hype hadn’t piqued my curiosity. And I was brave (or stupid) enough to write a review about what a waste of time it was.

I get that women are all turned on by this new Mommy porn, that since it’s a best seller and everyone else is reading it, it’s suddenly okay to read erotica, but there’s MUCH better erotica out there.

At least I really hope there is.

Mark 3 years ago

I wonder if my Mom would like some anal beads for Mother’s Day?

Janet PicPac 3 years ago

This whole 50 Shades of Grey phenonmenon had me remember the Ann Rice trilogy from the 90’s where she wrote under the name of A.N. Roquelaure. The first book was called The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty and those books are seriously sick and twisted. Ann Rice is a kinky bitch!

Gigi 3 years ago

I, too, kept hearing about it and resisted. Finally a couple days ago I finally downloaded it. I don’t even think I can finish it. Not because I’m a prude but because the characters and the story do not interest me at all.

Amanda 3 years ago

I won’t be reading this book. I’m not into the whole vampires/warewolves thing, and I really don’t enjoy reading badly written books. I’ll stick to my horror/thriller/mystery genres, thanks. BTW Jill, your book is fantastic!

amy 3 years ago

You are not the last one to get the book. I haven’t gotten it and I also don’t have an ereader to make reading it out in public a no go. I could see myself now..reading in the backroom at work on my break, the book wrapped in brown paper so noone can see what I am reading. LOL
I loved your book!!XOXO

Starofo 3 years ago

Omg I want to throw these books out of the window. I’m not a literary reader by any means but it is so poorly written that it is distracting. 400 pages x3 of “oh my” everytime he touches her and “my inner goddess”. Everytime she has a thought. It ruins the whole thing and kindof pissesme off

0Z 3 years ago

I haven’t read it, nor has anyone I know brought it up. But if they do I’m going to look at them, smugly, and say something implying I’m way, way, past such entry level girl porn.

Which I was, once, long ago. Truthfully that relationship went on long enough for it all to be a bit much work.

cowgirlbetty 3 years ago

That’s porn I’d buy. I think you’ve got a hit idea on your hands. Perhaps get your Mr. Grey to also serve a home-cooked dinner, dressed only in cling-wrap, ala “The Feminine Mystique”. Ooooooooh yaaaaaa . . . I’m feeling moist just thinking about it.

Headacheslayer 3 years ago

You are not the last Scary Mommy to read it. I didn’t even know there was A book, let alone a trilogy. But they are on my Amazon list now 😉

It may not be literary haute cuisine, but hey, I’ll take some brain candy smut LOL.

Karon 3 years ago

The trend I’m noticing lately is for really poorly written books with a decent plot or concept becoming the “latest and greatest.” I’m sorry if I offend anyone, but The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo wasn’t interesting, and the ending wasn’t the surprise and shock everyone made it out to be. Twilight is tween fiction, and bad tween fiction at that.

If 50 Shades of Grey is anything like the other mass-media popular slop I’m seeing lately, I certainly have no intention of wasting my time reading it. I’d rather get my vampires / werewolves / bondage near-porn from Laurell K. Hamilton and Jaqueline Carey.

Missy 3 years ago

You are correct. After googling, I will not be reading this book.

rose 3 years ago

So. Not. Interested.

Autumn Reo 3 years ago

Love it. Perfect timing as I posted this on my Facebook page last night and all kinds of comments come up from friends I never thought would respond. I totally thought about Twilight as well, but once it hit Dr. Oz, I knew that it hit “The Tipping Point.” I also got the same pitch for Perfect Mother’s Day with “romantic items.” Wow. I’m not modest, but I have to admit both things have thrown me for a loop this week. Perhaps I am a prude?

Kristin Shaw 3 years ago

Honestly, I think I’d rather have my husband talk dirty in my ear than read this. I’m deep into the Hunger Games series anyway. 😉

Brandy P 3 years ago

I haven’t read it either and don’t intend to, but then I don’t normally read those types of books any way, at least not on purpose (thanks Laurell K Hamilton). But whatever floats your boat.

Tracy @Liberating Working Moms 3 years ago

Your not the last one to climb on board ;). I still haven’t. But I hear the writing is not good. As an English teacher I worry about if I can make it through it. Like I can’t finish reading Hunger Games. I’ve tried so many times. But she uses verbs in the present tense. PRESENT. NOT PAST! I can’t do it. So yeah, maybe I’ll give Grey a shot this summer when I don’t have all the things pertaining to teaching students how to be better writers floating around in my head.

Sharon {Grumpy, Sleepy, and Bashful} 3 years ago

I still haven’t read it! Hardly knew what it was about until this post. THAT is sad, ladies. Very sad.

Nikki 3 years ago

I haven’t read it mostly because books like Fifty Shades of Grey are classified under “stuff that never happens to me”… I don’t think I’ll be downloading it to my Nook anytime soon.

Pasadena Mom 3 years ago

Sorry I just can’t get into it. It is so poorly written and such a stupid premise. Obviously these ladies are just fast forwarding to the “juicy” parts because to think the things in this book could be at all realistic (they meet once and boh are knocked off their socks.. He is hard core s&m and she is a 23 yr old virgin who has never even masturbated… Uh huh..) it sounds just like my fantasy stories I wrote in high school for the amusement of my friends.. I think both were edited by the same person speaking of which…

MommaC 3 years ago

I haven’t read it, but I imagine I will eventually. I saw Lynn’s review on All Fooked Up and that was the first I had heard of it. I naturally polled the FB peeps and quite a few popped up to say they LOVED it. One had not read it and got the free kindle preview. After that she was hooked and got all 3 in the series. We have been getting hilarious reports over the past couple days. If nothing else, maybe it’ll be good for a laugh!! As always you made me laugh! THANKS! 1 week till STL!

Becki 3 years ago

Missy – just looked at your blog . . .

Bet you don’t read this one either, lol.

Becki 3 years ago

No thanks – my husband doesn’t do porn – I would really hate it if he did – so why would I?? Plus it goes against my Christian faith and REALLY don’t want to ‘splain WHY I am reading this to Him, lol. Seriously, I find it depressing. And I kind of was offended that she named the main guy Christian – seems an obvious slam to me .. .

And your book is SO on my list to purchase – Memoirs are my favorite genre and I sneaked a peak at B&N when I took my Mom shopping there after her Dr appointment. That story about the guest you forgot to invite to your son’s birthday party made me laugh out loud and it was touching as well . . . . I will definitely be ordering online.

Just discovered your blog via a FB tag . . .

Jacqui 3 years ago

That is totally hot! I just read it twice and then visualized it!! Haha I’m still trying to convince my husband that helping with housework is foreplay!

Erin @Momfog 3 years ago

You nailed it. Not everything we read has to be “literary.” Sometimes, we want an escape and some bad writing gets the job done. That being said, I’m not at all interested in 50 Shades of Gray. One series like this every 10 years (Twilight) is enough for me.

Missy 3 years ago

I have not heard of this book. off to google….

Carpool Goddess 3 years ago

I wasn’t so crazy about it either. The juicy parts started to sound the same after a while and the writing was so annoyingly bad. I recently read The Hunger Games and loved it.

Tara 3 years ago

This is the first I’m hearing about this book. I don’t see myself being in any rush to read it. I have yet to finish reading your book because i’m lucky if i take the time or have the time to read once a week.

Lisa 3 years ago

I’m single and I found it a nice read that helped spice up my fantasy life. And it’s also nice to pretend that as a woman I could actually change a man that dramatically. But all it is is pretend. Hot, bondage, sexy pretend, but pretend.

Helen 3 years ago

No, Jill, you aren’t the last woman to buy the book…I haven’t read it yet. I’m afraid, very afraid. The Carpetbaggers made me hot and bothered, no telling what this would do to me!

Kelly 3 years ago

There’s already a movie. Check out The Secretary with Maggie Gyllenhal. Sheltered woman gets a new job, boss is into BDSM. Its not even porn-gross. Although I’ve never read 50 Shades, I’m gonna take a wild guess that James Spader is no Grey…just a warning.

Megan 3 years ago

I haven’t read it. I hadn’t even heard of it until last Sunday. I’d rather read your book to be perfectly honest. I think porn isn’t a taboo subject for younger generations. We know people like to be all kinds of freaky. Just don’t do it in public. We dont want to watch…well I don’t want to anyway.

tiffany 3 years ago

Who are these moms with time to read?? I got the luxury of reading your book on a flight to Vegas which was my first time away from kids in 3 years! Yes I know EVERYONE is talking about 50 shades but I’m not reading…i dare them to come out with a movie 😉

Kim @ Coffee Pot Chronicles 3 years ago

Haven’t read it yet and don’t have much desire to do so. I’m a stay at home wife, I can get porn any time I want thank ya much. Spend $15-20 on a book that is seriously hyped? Pfft. Nah. No thanks. Last thing I need is to be perceived as a sexually deprived housewife with a blog.

Marta 3 years ago

I may be one of the last women because while I’ve been hearing about it forever from everyone I felt the same way. “Eh its based around Twilight? No Thank You.” If it helps women be more open about their sexuality I think that’s great. But if the subtext is that women need to be subservient to men, not so great.

I’m certain I will read it, sooner than later, but I’m in no hurry. Plus your book just arrived from Amazon today. =)

LDiggitty 3 years ago

I love erotica! Anais Nin is the best!

Carole Sokol 3 years ago

I read it only because I had to see if it was as bad as I expected. Sadly, it was worse. I think the author is secretly Stephanie Meyers. What a hack! And I agree – if my vocabulary was that limited, please, someone, beat me over the head with a cane until I am out of my misery. I hope that women are really not surprised by what is in this book. Come on, ladies, we all know about S&M so stop acting like Scarlet O’Hara. My, oh my, Sweet Potato Pie! On a positive note, at least this is giving women an opportunity to talk about what we all think about anyway…. Just sad that it is taking a book for us to embrace our sexuality…..

Audrey 3 years ago

You are not, in fact, the last woman in the country to read it. I have not, nor do I intend to. I read a decent sized passage on a review somewhere and laughed my ass off. THAT?! I though.. THAT is what is driving female bloggers everywhere wild? Holy crap. There are some repressed women out there, that’s all I can figure. It’s so badly written it feels like it was ripped right off Literotica, that’s how bad it was. And from what I hear it’s just three books of the same. No thanks. Although I will continue to lol when I see “respectable” moms/women talk about how awesomely hot their porn is.

Making It Work Mom 3 years ago

It is all the talk in my neck of the woods. I have to admit I love me some Fifty. Sigh.

Nicole @MTDLBlog 3 years ago

I still have not finished these books! I started reading and made it to Chapter 8 of the first book….and yeah…Christian Grey my husband is not. LOL….. :-) I think that the popularity of these books show just how desperate we housewives really are…haha!

Jennifer Rustgi 3 years ago

I had literally never heard of this until seeing two references to it in the last 5 minutes. Guess the universe is telling me I need to add to my library!

Guerrilla Mom 3 years ago

Jill, you seriously should have just skipped the book, and read the reviews on HI-LAR-I-OUS.

This book just seems like a way for repressed peeps to get some porn. Jesus ladies, there is x-tube, and youporn, and a whole hell of a lot of sites that will get you there quicker than this. But, I kinda get it, I guess. Porn is pretty gross, and this is safe erotica. To each her own.

Danielle 3 years ago

For what it’s worth, I hadn’t even heard of it until your post.

Noemi 3 years ago

I haven’t read it. But really this kind of book isn’t anything new. Hasn’t anyone heard of The Story of O, Exit to Eden, or any of the Sleeping Beauty series by Anne Rice writing as A. N. Roquelqure

Lindsay 3 years ago

I agree with Marie…

Judy 3 years ago

IMHO, it isn’t the sex that caught people’s attention – that was just a nice side product, if you will. What Shades does (and Twilight, for that matter) is create the ultimate female fantasy, and yet leave it blank enough to let us insert ourselves into the story. In each story, you have one uber rich man, whose sole desire is to take care of you. In each story, you are the ONLY one who has ever been able to reach the man’s inner emotions. In each story, you are the ONLY one who is able to tame the bad boy / rebel. Whether you are attracted to the Sugar Daddy aspect, the “I’m the only one who can change / tame him” aspect, or the “I want to be taken care of and worshipped my entire life” aspect, it is all right there for you. And the female protagonist is written just blandly enough that A) we can identify with her and B) insert ourselves into the story in her place.

After that, as I said, the sex is secondary….

liz 3 years ago

I was at BBC last weekend, and one of the presenters (who later said, “Please don’t tweet that!”), slipped and made a reference from the book. Then she stopped awkwardly, asked if anyone else in the room was reading it, and a few admitted they were.

I texted Kristin (TamingInsanity) because I had never heard of the title.

But funny that you ask about porn not being relegated to the back rooms; it’s the latest thing on instagram.

Angel 3 years ago

Heard about it over and over and over and not the least bit interested in reading it. Well because I already write it.. on my other blog.. because my imagination is that good lol.

Amanda 3 years ago

I haven’t read it yet either and I’m still on the fence about whether or not to even get the books. The description on the back page didn’t look convincing enough to buy it, but I have heard a lot of positive reviews from my friends who have read them.

Motherhood on the Rocks 3 years ago

I’m resisting the “Grey train” – not sure how much longer it will last though.

Stephanie 3 years ago

I’m half way through the second. The juicy moments are juicy, but my title would be “50 Shades of Could This BE Any More Poorly Written??” I mean FFS. Use a thesaurus. Proper grammar and a good vocabulary are just as big of a turn on as a cane to the ass.

Courtney 3 years ago

Add me to the list of non-readers. Like you I kept thinking ‘Here we go again…..Twilight’. My husband even asked me if I’d heard of it because his friends wife said ‘it would change my life’. Seriously doubt it.

Amy 3 years ago

Like you, I resisted the “Fifty Shades of Grey” obsession. I downloaded a sample of it into my Nook and–quite gleefully–announced to my girlfriends that I wasn’t impressed. My girlfriends, some still stinging from an age-old Team Vampire/Team Werewolf spat, were shocked that I was anti “Grey.” I love kink as much as the next mommy, but I prefer my dirty, bondage porn behind closed doors where it belongs. 😉

Kate in Ohio 3 years ago

I am reading it right now. It is quite enlightening and making me rethink some things, and wonder if I need to broaden my horizons. Not sure I am going to rush to tell my friends and neighbors that I am reading it though.

Marie 3 years ago

You aren’t the last. I’ve heard of it but have no intentions of reading it. This kind of stuff doesn’t turn me on. What does turn me on is my husband coming home after being away on a week-long business trip and telling me to go to bed, he’ll do the dishes, take out the trash, and put the 3 kids to bed by himself. Oh, and “Here’s a glass of wine. Go relax.” THAT’S sexy.

autw 3 years ago

I picked up the first book after my hubs heard about it on the radio. First book was ok, second book was better, third book was by far the best. In fact, I ordered the second and third book together, and read them both within two days. The sex scenes, and talk about BDSM are a little brow-raising at times, but hey, to each their own… (although, whenever I read the books, I kept a mental picture of Christian with dark hair…copper just isn’t sexy to me. (and I’m a redhead)

Alison@Mama Wants This 3 years ago

I wonder if people will do more pedicures if Penthouse was lying around as reading material. :)

Lin 3 years ago

Leave it up to you to make me spit soda straight into my MIL’s face, you’re absolutely hilarious! I don’t really get the big hype though. So the book has a couple of very risque moments, so what? Honestly its not anything I haven’t already read on the web. *eye roll*

Loukia 3 years ago

I still haven’t read it… so I’m the last person on the planet who has not!

Kim at Let Me Start By Saying 3 years ago

I’m hoping that more women get the (metaphysical) balls to ask for what they want in bed now. Or at least for more orgasms. Or orgasms, period.
Women have spent too long being too shy about enjoying themselves. I think the hysteria over 50SOG is getting a little silly, but I can’t begrudge its success because maybe reading a bit of Edward & Bella get into BDSM can oil (lube?) the wheels in the minds of women everywhere into action for asking for the action they want. Whatever that may be.

elaine 3 years ago

your not the last one, i still haven’t read it either. Only because im far to cheap to buy it 😉

slonie 3 years ago

Guess you are second to last to read. I still haven’t read this or the Hunger Games either.

Nat 3 years ago

Oh lord! I was thinking the same thing? I enjoyed the books. The writing is terrible but the juicy parts were really quite…well, juicy. But I was wondering the same thing. Is porn for women FINALLY going to be more acceptable as it is for men? Or is this just a fluke and are we still going to be donning black masks as we sneak into the local sex shop?

Kerry 3 years ago

Hug.. went to fast… it missed my http lol

Jessica, The Debt Princess 3 years ago

I read it when it was FanFiction and the names were Edward and Bella. It was poorly written then and it’s poorly written still. I think women just need an excuse to talk about taboo topics and this book was it. There are far better S&M books out there “The Story of O” for instance! But that’s just me.

Christina 3 years ago

Oh the fantasy of a 27 year old male model-esque gazillionaire control-freak who wants to spank us and make us explode over and over again.

You’re right, my imagination isn’t that good either.

Kerry 3 years ago

I haven’t even heard of it til today… you and Ellen …I would think it would be a best seller here in Utah… serious… I doubt ill read it though

Vanessa 3 years ago

I haven’t read it either. Partly because everybody raved about Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which I never did get past the first chapter. Partly because, I usually think sex scenes in romance novels are lame, so I’m guessing I’d probably be skimming through 90% of the book.

Julie Peacock 3 years ago

I just ordered the trilogy from amazon. And I ordered your book too!

Tracy 3 years ago

I skimmed it too after my friend went totally off about how amazing the book is. But I still don’t get whether the female population is using this book as a porn-friendly coming out party or if they really are experiencing shock and awe that people engage in the sort of, ahem, um, exploits? that are described in the book.

Life with Kaishon 3 years ago

: ) I have no idea what that is. I guess I should go and google it right this second.

April 3 years ago

Crap that sent too fast. Seriously my last pair I clean undies lol

April 3 years ago

Omfg you kill me….sex swings on the playground. Thanks. I pissed in my last