Fireman Saves Woman Trapped In An Elevator In Real-Life TikTok Rom-Com

by Erica Gerald Mason

The woman tells the story of her elevator situation and subsequent connection with the fireman who saved her in a breathless set of TikToks

Life comes at you fast. One minute, you’re running late for an appointment, the next you’re trapped in an elevator, and before you know it, you’re living in a rom-com.

Now imagine: you’re stuck in an elevator, you’re panicked, you’re awaiting rescue, anything can happen. But then you hear a voice on the other side of the door, telling you that the New York City Fire Department is on the scene and they’re there to rescue you. After a few attempts to open the door, the mechanism releases and….

Oh hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

That scenario happened to a woman in New York City, and she did what any intelligent modern woman would do: she went to the internet for help.

“NYC I NEED YOUR HELP. please find this man that rescued me from an elevator today,” she posted.

Her best friend jumped in, because that’s what best friend’s do.

And then, as luck would have it, the firefighter saw her video and responded with a post of his own.

“What’s up guys, my brothers at the firehouse just showed me the video,” he begins. “I read the comments. Thank you so much for all the love. I just wanted to make the video to say I’m glad you’re safe.”

“I’m so shocked, I’m shook that this video blew up the way that it did. I cannot believe how many of you are invested in this, so I felt like I needed to give you all an update,” the woman says in her follow-up video. “So obviously he has been found. His sister found my TikTok and commented on it and then convinced him to make a TikTok.”

“So thank you friends and TikTok and internet for helping me out. It’s been an extremely entertaining journey reading all of your hilarious comments all day,” she continued. “TrueFirefighterBliss I hope you enjoy your new internet popularity and thank you for keeping us safe. Maybe I can buy you a drink sometime for saving my life. It’s the least I can do. TikTok it’s been a journey, I’ll keep you updated.”

Twitter, never one to mind its own business, has informed the couple that they are to IMMEDIATELY fall in love, rom-com style.

“‘I was going to cancel this appointment today, too.’ That’s called DESTINY,” one Twitter matchmaker posted about the woman’s comment that she almost cancelled the appointment that led to her getting stuck in the shaft.

“This is a romance novel meet cute I don’t make the rules,” another person tweeted.

“Chile…..he said he’s glad that she’s safe…..sounds like wedding bells to me,” another post reads.

“I hate enclosed spaces but I also want to get stuck in an elevator so I can have a meet cute with a firefighter thank yew,” one Twitter user posted.

Others felt bad for women who have been rescued from elevators by cute firefighters, but were unable to shoot their shot.

“Thinking about those girls who were trapped in the elevator in nyc and the firefighter who rescued them was like super hot and they were all giggling because he was cute but it was a life or death situation honestly mood.”

Raise our glasses for our sisters who lusted and lost. You’re all in our thoughts and prayers. And fingers crossed that our girl in the elevator and her fireman prince charming actually go out for that drink.