Mom Shares Tricks For Working Out With Baby, Internet Freaks

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Image via fitmomma4two/Instagram

A fitness blogger’s Instagram video shows her working out on a crib frame while her daughter plays below

Melanie Darnell, aka fitmomma4two on Instagram, is know for posting videos of herself working out alongside her two-year-old son Sage and seven-month-old daughter Olive. She recently posted a video of herself performing some super strength moves on the frame of Sage’s crib while Olive played on the mattress below. The video was part of a #flexilexifitnessaroundthehouse challenge, which encourages people to find ways to workout at home.

The video showcases Darnell’s impressive strength and seriously adorable daughter but some people who saw it were quick to admonish her, claiming the workout put her daughter in danger. Because if the internet has taught us anything, it’s that those who can’t do, judge.

The harsh comments range from questioning her intelligence, “Wow what she’s doing is stupid. I hope the baby doesn’t get hurt,” to accusing her of endangering her child for the sake of internet fame. “It’s not your skills that people are doubting, its the crib that people are concerned about. What if it breaks and your poor child gets hurt just because you wanted a few extra likes on Instagram?”

When dads post videos of themselves working out alongside their kids they’re lauded with accolades like, “clever” and “awesome” and people point to them as role models, but when a mom does it, we question her judgment as a parent.

Darnell has a background in gymnastics and years of practice in both yoga and reformer Pilates practice, so she knew exactly what she was doing when she got up on the crib. “Like any sane person, both my husband and I checked the strength and sturdiness of the crib before I climbed on top of it,” she tells Scary Mommy. “I would not have performed these exercises if I thought there was a chance of me falling on my child. Everyone has abilities they feel confident with, I know what I can and cannot perform safely.”

Although she knew her daughter was fine she says the negative comments still stung. “Being called a bad mom is the worst,” says Darnell. “I would never put my child in danger.”

Despite those who claim otherwise, Darnell’s intention when posting this videos and others of her working out with her kids isn’t to gain internet fame, but rather to support moms who struggle to find time for exercise. “I don’t do these videos for likes, as some haters claimed, but to inspire and motivate others to live an active and healthy lifestyle even after becoming a parent. Not everyone has the luxury of going to the gym and sometimes working out with your kids is the only option.”

If you’ve every tried to workout at home while your kids are awake you know just how real the struggle is. You’re three seconds into a 30 second plank and your kid starts climbing on you, wreaking havoc on both your form and your back. Or you do a downward dog and your kids start pretending you’re a bridge and they’re a train trying to get through your legs. Finishing any workout is an accomplishment, but to complete a workout with kids underfoot is truly impressive.

While she hoped to encourage others to find new ways to workout at home, Darnell never intended for people to go out and try to copy her crib workout. “My goal is to demonstrate that you can get creative with your home workouts not encouraging others to do this exact workout. I would never encourage someone to do a workout incorporating their child outside of their comfort zone.”

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