Man Leaves Five Cent Tip For Server To Protest Mask Mandate

Stop Blaming Servers For Your Complete Stupidity


A man left a five-cent tip for a server because he didn’t like that the restaurant made him wear a mask

File this under: Don’t be this guy. A man in Lincoln, Nebraska left his server a five-cent tip on a $38 meal, because he was mad that he had to wear a mask to enter the restaurant. Ali Siverhus, who works at Big Red East in Lincoln, Nebraska — which has a city-wide mask mandate — shared a photo of the crappy tip she received which included a hand-written message to “get rid of masks, tips will be bigger.”

Imagine being such an a-hole that you protest your city’s mask mandate by making it harder for a server to pay their bills. Siverhus shared the dismal tip on Facebook, writing in part, “the audacity of this man leaving a 5 cent tip.”

“So this happened to me tonight,” Siverhus shared on Facebook. “Just wrong on so many levels. First and foremost, the masks are a city mandate and there is nothing I or management can do about it. How is me wearing a mask affecting this man?”

“Second, servers make less than 3$ an hour typically, so our entire pay depends on tips. I was very nice to this guy and his young son, they got their drinks and food on time…” she continued.

If you’ve never been a server, let me tell you that server paychecks are like, a hundred bucks a week — they quite literally need tips to survive. Now you add a pandemic in the mix and servers are forced into becoming essential workers and are risking their lives to feed you because you just had to sit in a restaurant during a pandemic! Imagine the stress of being a server right now — you have to weigh your health against the harassment and resistance and entitlement of the customers you serve all while balancing your need to make a living. Honestly, if you demand to dine out right now, you better be prepared to lay out the biggest freakin’ tips.