'Pretty Much Everyone On The Plane Threw Up' During This Flight From Hell

by Thea Glassman
Image via Erik Witsoe/Getty

Prepare to never want to board a plane again.

Buckle up — because this is about to be a really gross, bumpy ride. A plane heading from Charlottesville, Virginia to Washington Dulles International Airport had to fly straight through a crazy winter storm, and the results were not pretty.

As in, everyone got super sick– including the pilots.

The flight drama began just as the plane was preparing to touch down in Washington D.C. The Aviation Weather Center received an official aircraft report that read: “VERY BUMPY ON DESCENT. PRETTY MUCH EVERY ONE ON THE PLANE THREW UP. PILOTS WERE ON THE VERGE OF THROWING UP.”

That is HORRIFYING. You’ve gotta feel so much sympathy for everyone on board — and also so much nauseousness.

In a statement, United Airlines spun a very calm, just-the-facts retelling of the whole hellish experience.

“Air Wisconsin Flight 3833 operating as United Express from Charlottesville, Va. to Washington Dulles International encountered turbulence because of high winds,” the statement read. “A few customers onboard the regional jet became ill as the aircraft was preparing to land. The aircraft landed safely and taxied to its gate. No customers required medical attention because of the turbulence.”

Meanwhile, people who were actually on the flight told a much more, um, heightened version of events. They took to Twitter to confirm that their flight was indeed a mess of vomiting, insane turbulence, and general horribleness.

In return, the people of the internet had some serious feelings about what this flight must have been like — anyone who’s ever had a bumpy landing can imagine the nightmarish scene.

Lots of hugs to whoever had to clean that plane afterwards.

Oh yeah, and they weren’t the only passengers who had to deal with the winter storm. Casey Kirk, a passenger on a plane heading to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, told NBC News that there was quite a lot of vomiting on his flight as well.

“I felt like I was going to throw up all over the place,” he said. “Somebody in the back threw up. Lots of people were throwing up in bags. It was pretty crazy.”

Though one Twitter user brought up a good point — if there’s a bright side to this disaster, it’s this:

Whew. So glad that everyone is okay. Also, literally never complaining about minor air turbulence again.